KSW double champ Roberto Soldic explains why ‘dream fight’ would be with Conor McGregor


If Roberto Soldic had his druthers, his career wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to share the cage with someone who also knows what it’s like to be a two-division champion.

The current KSW welterweight and middleweight champion will have a big decision to make about his future very soon, as he has one fight left on his current deal with the promotion. Soldic’s management and team had planned to meet officials after KSW 67,, which was held this Saturday. They would discuss the possibility of signing a new contract. Soldic is likely to be granted free agency if the parties can’t reach an agreement on terms. His contract ends in July.

If “Robocop” tests the market, it is likely that the UFC will be a participant in the sweepstakes. This would allow Soldic to have his dream matchup, something he spoke about during an interview with MMA Fighting.

“Conor McGregor,” Soldic stated on We GotNext . I want this fight to be for me. I want that test. He has also fought at welterweight, and now he has experience from boxing with [fighting] Floyd Mayweather.

“Conor was a dream fight for me. He made MMA a whole new level. UFC is bigger, he made the sport big for sure.”

Fans who are familiar with Soldic’s exciting and powerful style would love to see him compete against the top welterweights in the UFC. In fact, there are very few days that go by where that isn’t said to him on the street or on social media.

If Soldic ends up in UFC, he believes he is capable of competing with top fighters like Kamaru Usman.

” I know that when I punch someone [in the fight],” Soldic stated. It’s best to not take a clean punch from Soldic. “I believe in my own abilities.

” I’m available for anyone. I’m big trouble. When I’m able to do so, [get a proper camp], with a healthy weight and 22 time. I made a big mistake, and now I have experience. My conditioning and I have faith in ourselves. It’s good to be confident in oneself, but not overly. To all of these guys, I give total respect. This decision will be made by us, but I am ready to serve everyone in the world .”