KSI will leave boxing after beating ‘fraud’ Jake Paul, targeting ‘winner takes all fight’ at the end of 2023


KSI believes Jake Paul will successfully dispatch Tommy Fury this weekend, and then it’s off to the races for an end-of-year fight between the two.

On February 26, Paul faces Fury in a long-awaited grudge match battle, which is taking place in Saudi Arabia. Paul considers Fury to be a more difficult opponent than his past opponents, and he has declared the fight “must knockout” for himself.

While KSI thinks Fury won’t be an easy out for Paul, he does agree that ultimately “The Problem Child” will stop “TNT.”

“I believe he wins,” KSI stated on The MMA Hour . “I don’t think it will be easy.

” I believe Tommy is a good player, with a good jab. His right hand seems very clear. His stance is wide and he can counterpunch a bit. Jake is a counter-puncher. Jake loves to use the right hand. He loves the overhand right. And when his opponent is slowing down, he loves combos. The problem with Jake — Jake hates people who put a pace on him. It’s not something he knows how to handle. Tommy doesn’t seem like the man to set the pace with him, which I think is the case with Tommy.

“Tommy, with his jab, because it’s so good and so technical, it’s so easy to counter. You can use the jab to your benefit. Tommy is always getting hit with his right hand and I doubt he even has that chin. Also, Tommy has never been on a big stage like that. I think his legs will go a little, the pressure will get to him, and I truly believe that Jake will win by KO in the final rounds.”

Paul, and KSI are two of the most prominent figures in “Influencer boxing”, and have been involved in a struggle for many years. KSI, Paul’s brother Logan Paul is a business partner, but Jake is determined to fight in the ring with Jake — not just to start his boxing career but also to finish it.

“Seeing Jake win a fight was an aggravating experience for me,” KSI stated. “Because I’m there like, he’s not that good! He’s not as good as everyone thinks he is. For me, personally, I think he’s a fraud. He’s a fraud to me and I will expose him.

“But at the time I had to just focus on music, while this is all going on. And then I thought, “You know what?” Screw it. I’m going to come back into boxing, I’m going to slow down the music, come through, destroy Jake, and even though I’m doing everything else … I’m still going to come in boxing, knock him out, and go back to doing what I was doing before.'”

And apparently that time is not far off. KSI and Paul have been in talks to finally settle their issues at the end of the year, with KSI saying they’ve already booked Cardiff Stadium for December. If all goes according to plan, they’ll add one additional wrinkle, increasing the stakes: A winner takes it all prize structure.

“So the fighter purses are winner-takes-all, 100 percent.” KSI said.

“Honestly, couldn’t care. Whether it’s $10 million, $20 million, don’t give a f***. He’s my only goal. Money is not what drives me. Everyone knows this. Legacy is what I believe in. That’s all. Whenever I’m training and it gets tough or I’m in hell, I’m there like, ‘Legacy,’ and that’s what gets me through it. I’m not there like, ‘I need to make more money.’ Money comes anyway if you’re successful in your field.”

When and if he dispatches Paul, that will be it for KSI. Because despite the fact that Paul will be ranked by the WBC if he beats Fury this weekend, KSI is under no delusions about competing against true top level boxers.

” Apparently, he will be ranked at the WBC if he defeats Tommy Fury. This is absurd, by the way,” KSI stated. “Tommy Fury? Tommy Fury beat you and then, you are a top-ranked cruiserweight. With Lawrence Okolie? [Richard] Riakporhe? They are these people? These guys are amazing! They’re giants! It’s outrageous. It’s amazing. Then I’m done.

“I ain’t fighting Riakporhe. I ain’t fighting all these cruiserweights. They’re killers! Hell no.”