KSI prefers fighting Joe Fournier over Tyron Woodley next: ‘This guy has not won a fight since 2018’


Tyron Woodley may miss out on fighting KSI yet again.

In January, FaZe Temperrr, a professional esports player, defeated the British YouTuber. Temperrr wasn’t supposed to face KSI. Originally, KSI was set to face Woodley in a boxing match, while Logan Paul fought Dillon Danis in a double headliner. KSI chose to face Danis instead of Paul, leaving Woodley out. When Danis pulled out, KSI chose Temperrr as his replacement and knocked Woodley out in round one.

Woodley was furious about the whole situation, however, KSI is looking for an opponent to Jake Paul, so Woodley could be a strong contender for that opportunity.

Except KSI says he’s currently leaning toward a different opponent.

“I believe for me in May it’s between Woodley & Joe Fournier,” KSI stated on The MMA Hour .

“I’m looking at Woodley and I’m like, this guy has not won a fight since 2018. He’s been on a six-fight losing streak. Are you sure I need to face this man? Or should I fight someone like Joe Fournier, who is 9-0, fights boxers, none of this MMA stuff, he’s a pro boxer, he’s had an international belt at some point. That guy is he? Then you have Woodley. The only reason I would fight Woodley is to prove to everyone that I could knock him out faster than Jake could.

“People want to see me get tested,” KSI added. “I fought Swarmz and Pineda, wasn’t a test. They were like, ‘Whatever, nobody cares.’ Funny thing is, they both won their fights after. Then I fought Temperrr. I was meant to fight Dillon Danis but he p****** out. Temperrr is defeated and I’m cool.

“I need to challenge myself then. It’s been a long time since I tried to push myself. People said, “Temperrr will cause me problems, Temperrr’s too tall, he is tall and rangy. He proved to be an obstacle for others in the YouTube fight scene.” Then, I knocked him out like nothing happened. People are looking at my level and trying to understand where I am struggling so fighting Joe Fournier feels natural. It’s then like: should I also close some people with Woodley ?

Fournier is a businessman, influencer, and boxer, with a 9-0 (1 NC) professional record. He also won a WBA International light heavyweight title in 2017 by knocking out Wilmer Mejia. Those credentials certainly would make him the toughest test of KSI’s boxing career, but some have suggested, Jake Paul included, that Woodley would be a more deserving competitor. KSI doesn’t seem to agree.

” I’m looking at Joe,” KSI stated. “That would be May 13. Wembley.”

Sorry, Tyron. Better luck next time.