KRUPENYA: “No one could have thought that Amosov would achieve such results”


Seven-time champion of Ukraine – about the Bellator welterweight champion

Seven-time champion of Ukraine in amateurs Ivanna Krupenya spoke about Bellator welterweight champion Yaroslav Amosov (27-0).

I respect him very much and have known him for a long time. I am fascinated by his discipline, the way he went all these years to the championship fight, causes great respect. His lifestyle is constant training, a few days after the fight he is already recovering.

Amosov is a real man, he has a heightened sense of justice, he has a very kind heart, he will never refuse what he is asked. Yaroslav is also a good family man. He is not only a fighter, he is our real Cossack. This is how every Ukrainian should be. Everyone should reach out to him and take an example. I also like his modesty and religiosity. We talked a lot about the Lord, and I am impressed with how he thinks in this sense – that all his victories are given by the Lord. I have a lot of respect for him as a fighter and a man.

What is his strongest trait?

“In my opinion, his strongest trait is his ability to work. He is a huge hard worker, never stopping on the way to his goal. I remember that in childhood no one could have thought that Amosov would achieve such results, because he was often sick, he had a weak immune system, he was the worst of all those who worked with us. But he did twice as much as others – when everyone was already resting, he was still training. He clearly went to his dream. Therefore, this incredible performance made him the Amosov we know,” said Krupenya.