Konstantin Glukhov and Mikhail Gazaev staged a battle in a principled revenge

Konstantin Glukhov and Mikhail Gazaev staged a battle in a principled revenge

Almost ten years after the first fight, which served as a pretext for numerous Internet memes, 43-year-old Konstantin Glukhov took revenge on 32-year-old Mikhail Gazaev, whom he lost in 2013 by disqualification under the M-1 Global banner.

The heavyweight bout that headlined AMC Fight Nights 120 in Ulyanovsk went through all three rounds and ended with Glukhov winning a 29-28 unanimous decision three times.

Gazaev actively started the first round, managing to get close to the blows and transfer the opponent, and then spent almost all his strength trying to finish Glukhov, who demonstrated not only enviable stamina, but also managed to get closer to the break signal.

In the second and third rounds, the representative of Latvia took control of the fight, dismantling the tired Russian in the standing position, but shortly before the final siren, Gazaev managed to transfer Glukhov to the ground, however, he had neither the strength nor the time to snatch the victory.

After the announcement of the referee’s verdict, Mikhail Gazaev, who moved around the cage with the help of his seconds, immediately filed claims with the president of AMC Fight Nights, Kamil Gadzhiev, as well as the judges who served the fight, saying that he considers himself the winner in the fight.

Konstantin Glukhov, who resumed his career in MMA after a five-year break, on the contrary, was fresh, thanked the opponent for the fight, and also promised the fans that he would still please them with his performances.