Klitschko steered the German “Leopard-2”, but did not show it – video


Former heavyweight dominator Wladimir Klitschko, who has been in Germany for several days, showed a selfie video from the local training ground against the background of the main battle tank of the Bundeswehr Leopard 2A6.

According to him, he even managed to ride in it.

“24 February. One year later. Year of the war. Year of suffering. And the year when our willpower became stronger than ever. As powerful as this tank,” Vladimir said, pointing to the German MBT. — I would never have thought that I would manage this “cat”. Thanks Germany. Thanks to the free world for everything you do for us Ukrainians. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!”

“I dedicate the victory to the Ukrainians and Zaluzhny” – Berinchyk

The first part of the boxing career of the Klitschko brothers is connected with Germany. Thanks to their charisma, linguistic abilities and intelligence, Vitaly and Vladimir became extremely popular in Germany, and when a big disaster came to the house, they began to use this social capital to the best of their ability to attract military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

So far, official Berlin has pledged to supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine
eighteen “Leo”.

In the meantime, in Berlin, geographically near the Russian embassy, ​​they demonstrate the destroyed T-72 of Russian fascists:

In December 2022, Klitschko reacted to the decision of the WBA to return Russians and Belarusians to the ratings.