Khan mourns ‘losing a friend’: accuses Joshua of sleeping with his wife


Former world champion Amir Khan is still upset that he lost his friend – heavyweight Anthony Joshua – a few years ago due to baseless jealousy and the scandal associated with it. In 2017, the boxer made a noise on Twitter, accusing the big man that he allegedly slept with his wife Faryal Makhdum. He got to the point that he “congratulated” Anthony – “well done, you pick up my leftovers”, and threatened his wife with a divorce. Then he deleted it all.

Five years later, Khan, who retired from boxing after losing to Kell Brook in February 2022, said on a podcast
The Overlapthat he hasn’t spoken to Joshua for five years.

“I was going through a crazy time,” he said. “I wanted to leave my wife. I’m sorry that I lashed out at Anthony for no reason. He was my friend and we haven’t spoken since. I lost a good friend because of all this. The guy didn’t do anything wrong though.”

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“It’s just that my wife and I didn’t talk then. She texted me “look how many fighters are texting me” and since there was a message from Joshua saying “hello” or something like that, my bar dropped. I’m like, “Why the fuck is he saying hello to her?” Maybe he was just showing respect, he always has been. There was nothing, and I was stupidly angry at everyone, ”said Amir.


Joshua then denied the public accusations by posting a video with Shaggy’s “That Wasn’t Me”.

As a result, Khan returned to his wife a few months after the quarrel and sprinkled ashes on his head – they say that he is bad, selfish and made mistakes.

Amir predicted yesterday that Canelo Alvarez would knock out Golovkin. And in the summer he was offered the coveted fight with Pacquiao, but Amir laughed and refused.