Khamzat Chimaev promised to fight Paulo Costa

Khamzat Chimaev promised to fight Paulo Costa

The popular Chechen fighter Khamzat Chimaev, who will face Brazilian middleweight Paulo Costa on October 21 at UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi, shared his opinion about the upcoming fight and also spoke about his long-term plans in the strongest league in the world.

“That’s great – I’ll make this guy cry in the cage like I always do,” Borz told TNT Sports. “Paulo Costa will cry and go home to Brazil. Nobody likes this guy – all Brazilians support me, and he is not even Brazilian. I’ll tear it down and leave it crying”

According to Chimaev, who last entered the octagon in September last year, the long downtime is not his fault.

“I am always ready to fight anyone. Ask Dan White – I never said no, always ready. It so happened that I didn’t fight for a long time, but I trained all the time – when the big money came, it became difficult for me to organize a fight. I scared everyone. Usman said he was a boogeyman, but all these guys talk about me all the time, and when it comes to signing a contract for a fight, they always have problems, they remember that they need to operate on something and generally have other things to do. ”

Moreover, Chimaev claims that he still plans to become the first fighter in UFC history to win championship titles in three different weight classes.

“I am ready to fight in any division, and I asked for a light heavyweight title fight with Glover Teixeira when Jiri Prochaska got injured, but it didn’t happen. It’s okay – there will be more. All my titles will be with me soon. I am ready to compete in any weight, it doesn’t matter to me. I can go down to welterweight, no problem, I just need time for it, not like last time when I was only given four weeks. Three divisions at least is my plan. If someone wants to fight, weight doesn’t matter.”