Kenny Florian lauds Jake Paul’s efforts to make the transition to MMA.


At 26, Jake Paul already has amassed enough of a fortune that he never needs to work another day in his life.

The social media influencer and boxer turned boxer r reported to have earned approximately $38million in May 2021 through May 2022,. This doesn’t include the pay he received for beating Anderson Silva. Paul, who was first famous for his YouTube videos with Logan Paul, is now financially independent.

Paul will likely take home another hefty paycheck for his upcoming fight against Tommy Fury on Feb. 26, which will just add to his growing bank account. Despite all that, Paul announced in January that he had signed with the PFL to work with the promotion behind-the-scenes while also revealing future plans to compete in MMA.

While it is unlikely that Paul will make his UFC debut anytime soon, Kenny Florian (PFL color commentaryator) says it was a good idea to entertain the notion.

” I can see that he is already training, that’s what Florian said to MMA Fighting. Although I don’t like YouTuber fights or this and that, Jake Paul has earned my respect and admiration. This is a guy who does not need to fight. Already a millionaire, he is. There are many other things he does.

“For him to go in there, train hard, prepare for these boxing fights, he’s picking the right fights, clearly an intelligent guy. He makes the right choices about who he will fight. He’s performing. He is proving that he can be dangerous. Now he wants to try his hand at mixed martial arts. I love it

As exciting as it might be to see Paul compete in MMA, Florian knows better than most that the always outspoken “Problem Child” has a lot to learn and truly understand before he can feel confident going into a fight.

High-level boxers have traditionally struggled to find success in MMA — outside of ex-UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm — and even if Paul is only considered a novice in the sweet science, he also doesn’t have a background in traditional martial arts that will serve as a springboard to his new career.

Florian acknowledges that beyond just learning how to fight, Paul will also have to endure numerous other aspects of MMA that make the sport so difficult to master.

“There’s so much to the game when you’re talking about all the different skills he needs to have,” Florian said. The weight loss, nutrition, strength, and conditioning. Preparing for mixed martial arts competitions is a daunting task. He’ll soon find out.

“I think that you’ve got to give him credit for wanting to do this. We haven’t seen it yet but he has followed through on a lot of the things he said he would do. It will be interesting to see what happens .”

Beyond his aspirations to fight in the PFL, Paul will also be working on an executive level to help build the new “super fight” division that will happen on pay-per-view.

That will eventually lead to Paul competing in his own MMA fights but Florian believes the PFL made a smart move partnering with the undefeated boxer because it’s only going to grow the promotion and lead to more opportunities for other fighters.

” “It’s great for the PFL that they do this,” Florian stated. He brings in views, obviously. People want to see, whether they want to see him lose or win. Jake Paul’s presence on the card is an opportunity to earn more for fighters.

” I think it will be fascinating. PFL is trying to establish itself and get more popular and bring in new fans and I think it’s a smart strategy to align themselves with Jake Paul.”