Kayla Harrison reacted sharply to Arman Tsarukian’s question

The winner of two Olympic gold medals in judo and two-time PFL lightweight champion, Kayla Harrison, who will make her debut under the banner of the world’s strongest league in a month, finds the topic raised by fan Arman Tsarukyan at a Q&A session prior to UFC 299 in Miami extremely disrespectful.

“At one point, a fan came out and spoke to Arman in Russian,” Harrison told The MMA Hour on a regular edition of the program. “Arman was getting booed all the time and we talked to him about it, we were fine. The guy asked him how many times he would… He asked a really inappropriate question about me. Arman answered and I looked like an idiot, sitting there smiling. Megan asked, ‘Could you translate that?’ and Arman was like, ‘No, that’s a stupid question, go ahead’.”

“Then the next day all the Russian publications published a translation of what the speech was about. I think it was offensive and disrespectful. I’m a two-time Olympic champion, world champion, I’m a mother, I’m an advocate for victims of sexual violence, I wrote a book about it and I have a foundation. In that sense, it’s totally disrespectful for anyone to even ask that question”

As a reminder, Kayla Harrison will face former UFC champion Holly Holm on April 13 at UFC 300 in Las Vegas, while Arman Tsarukyan will share the octagon with Charles Oliveira at the anniversary event.