Kamil Hajiyev gave a prediction for the fight between Ismailov and Shlemenko

Kamil Hajiyev gave a prediction for the fight between Ismailov and Shlemenko

The President of AMC Fight Nights, Kamil Gadzhiev, shared his opinion about the upcoming fight between Alexander Shlemenko and Magomed Ismailov, who will head the RCC 13 tournament in Yekaterinburg on December 3rd.

“This is the fight of the year,” Hajiyev said in a video posted on his Youtube channel. “Maybe I’ll say something different on December 4th, but this is the fight of the year, just because it’s the names, and before the fight, the names are always more important. After the fight, the quality of the fight is important.”

“If they fight five rounds, I don’t think Maga will win this fight. Sasha was far from being in good shape in the last two fights, he can do much better, but even if he improved his form a little, the fourth or fifth rounds should still be his. Maga can translate it and decide below, but he is not a finisher, not a grappler. Dump, score – yes. But we ourselves know what begins after the middle of the battle.

“There will be a duel between Magi and his own functionality. If he can distribute his forces correctly, then he can win this fight by decision. If he doesn’t distribute his forces, then an early victory for Shlemenko in the fourth round.”

Note that the fight of the Russian middleweights will not be a title fight, but its winner will receive a special championship belt from the RCC league, decorated with multi-level engraving, gilding and 980 Swarovski crystals.

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30153-kamil-gadzhiev-dal-prognoz-na-boj-ismailova-i-shlemenko.html?rand=19907