Kamil Gadzhiev named the most dangerous rivals for Sergei Pavlovich

Kamil Gadzhiev named the most dangerous rivals for Sergei Pavlovich

President of AMC Fight Nights, Kamil Gadzhiev, praised another impressive performance by Sergei Pavlovich, who knocked out the dangerous Australian Tai Tuivasa in less than a minute at UFC on ESPN 42 in Orlando.

“Serge is a machine. This has been obvious to everyone for a long time,” Hajiyev said in another video posted on his Youtube channel. “I started badly, burned out in a fight with Overeem – now let them fight again, and Seryoga would have won. It just burned out – the very beginning of the path to the UFC, I waited for so long, morally, apparently, I was not ready. And there could also be many reasons that only Seryoga knows about.

“Now what is happening is what should have happened. Seryoga smashes everyone in his path. Someone like him, in theory, can stop Francis Ngannou, because he is the same. Jon Jones can stop someone like him, because Jon Jones is the best. Jones still has something that Pavlovich and Ngannou do not have – he builds a battle tactically very competently, uses his strengths, weaknesses of the opponent. In this regard, Seryoga still definitely needs to grow up, but in general, he is where he should be. Seryoga is a great fellow, and I am sure that the fight for the UFC champion belt is definitely not far off.”

Having won the fifth victory by knockout in the UFC, Sergey Pavlovich entered the top 3 of the heavy division of the organization, displacing the American Curtis Blades from the third position.

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30195-kamil-gadzhiev-nazval-samykh-opasnykh-sopernikov-dlya-sergeya-pavlovicha.html?rand=19907