Kamil Gadzhiev named Sergei Pavlovich’s main flaw

AMC Fight Nights president, Kamil Gadzhiev, called out Sergei Pavlovic’s flaw that prevented the Russian from winning the interim UFC heavyweight championship belt this past weekend against Britain’s Tom Aspinall.

“I was surprised by Aspinall’s confidence from the beginning,” Gadzhiev said at the press conference for the fight between Vladimir Mineyev and Ivan Shtyrkov. “Aspinall was angry and Seryoga was kind. That’s all there is to it. And do-gooders don’t become champions. Aspinall came out and just attacked like a predator. I’m not going to be clever and say I knew everything. But I said before the fight that the chances were 50/50, and I realized that Aspinall is a very serious opponent”

“The main thing is that Aspinall did not set a bad example to everyone else, how to fight Pavlovic – not to be shy, but just go and fight. For this, of course, you need to have arguments in your fists, but in general, he just started fighting and did not clamp down, as others go out with Pavlovic and are afraid that he will hit them. This one came out brazenly, just fought and that’s it”

The heavyweight title fight between Sergey Pavlovich and Tom Aspinall, which was the second most important event at UFC 295 in New York, ended in a 69-second knockout loss for the Russian.