Kamil Gadzhiev explained the words to the Emelianenko brothers

Kamil Gadzhiev explained the words to the Emelianenko brothers

President of AMC Fight Nights Kamil Gadzhiev explained about a recent interview in which he made a provocative statement that the brothers Fedor and Alexander Emelianenko would only meet at the funeral of the latter.

“They ask me – I answer, nothing more,” said Gadzhiev, talking to reporters after the AMC Fight Nights 120 tournament in Ulyanovsk. “Yesterday’s story about the fact that the brothers can meet at the funeral – I was asked, I answered. I get citations from AE, he gets citations from me. He recently started vacuuming me – I didn’t start it. For no reason, AE started vacuuming me in some podcast before the fight with Ershov for some reason. That I ruined the organization, I did it, this … Well, I answered, nothing more ”

“At the same time, no matter what anyone says, I am one of the people who is genuinely sad about what is happening with AE. And I used him when he could more or less show something – in the fight with Santos he did not have enough preparation, but in general he looked good. And those who are trying to do it now are simply cashing in on the current situation with AE, and it will end very badly. Then they will look for the extreme ones and say, ‘It’s not me who pulled him up for this fight, it’s him’ – they will shift the responsibility to each other when they take him to the hospital straight from the cage. We all understand that this will end if he does not take up his mind. But no one needs this, because if he gets smarter, he will disperse everyone who is around him. ”

Recall that the words about the funeral of Alexander Emelianenko Gadzhiev said, commenting on the statement of Fedor Emelianenko, who two weeks earlier announced that he was unable to help his brother, suffering from alcohol addiction.