Kamil Gadzhiev confirmed the sale of the league AMC Fight Nights

Kamil Gadzhiev confirmed the sale of the league AMC Fight Nights

President of AMC Fight Nights, Kamil Gadzhiev, confirmed the information that soon the organization, which he led for twelve years, will become the property of the owners of the ACA league.

“If the ACA league has a clear plan of what to do next with this, then this deal will probably be beneficial for the industry,” Gadzhiev said in an interview with the channel “Ushatayka”. “If this plan does not exist, then this purchase would not have happened, which means that there is a plan. What it is, I don’t know.”

According to Hajiyev, he will not remain in the organization after the change of ownership, which at the moment is Amir Muradov.

“No, because we have different views on MMA. Not completely different, but still different. Therefore, as it happens, two bears are unlikely to sit in the same den, especially if they look in different directions. I am always ready to be useful with friendly good advice from a specialist, but nothing more. Therefore, after some time, Kamila Hajiyeva will definitely not be at the helm of the AMC Fight Nights organization ”

At the same time, Hajiyev admitted that for the last year he had been preparing for a change of activity, developing a new project not related to MMA.

“I will definitely focus on the development of kickboxing and other martial disciplines. And rather, at work in the media environment, where martial arts will be only one of the directions. In principle, I have been moving towards this for the last year, having created a structure that we are gradually bringing to the market. Here’s my plan”

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30366-kamil-gadzhiev-podtverdil-prodazhu-ligi-amc-fight-nights.html?rand=19907