Kambosos and rematch with Haney. Arguments “for” and “against” from experts


Australian George Kambosos Jr. (20-1, 10 KOs) lost his WBC Franchise, WBA Super, IBF and WBO titles in a fight with American Devin Haney (28-0, 15 KOs) – on June 5 in Melbourne (Australia) lost by unanimous the decision of the judges.

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Chris Mannix and Sergio Mora are mindful of the fact that the loser has the right to use the rematch clause, but suggest not to rush into it.

Mora: “Kambosos has already stated that there will be an immediate revenge. But the trick is in the details of the contract. The whole point is what is actually written in the contract. The whole point is whether Kambosos has the right to hold an intermediate fight first, and only then insist on a rematch. If he can do an intermediate fight first, then he should do so. After all, before you rush into revenge, you need to feel like a winner again. We need to regain confidence in our abilities. Still, it must be taken into account that Kambosos looked so-so, not very. Though he fought on his own territory. If I were him, I would take an intermediate fight. But it all depends on the terms of the contract. Will the same conditions remain if we first hold a warm-up match – that’s the main question.

Rumor has it that Kambosos earned a net (and this is without realizing the rights to PPV sales in Australia) 10 million US dollars. Mannix I agree with Mora that no one refuses such money: “Definitely. Incredible amount. But one more thing must be taken into account. He needs not just Haney, but all the titles. What if Haney gives in to someone? What if he gives a fight to Ryan Garcia, Gervonte Davis or Vasily Lomachenko and loses? But I understand your point. Kambosos lost on all counts and it is unlikely that he will be able to change anything significantly.”

Mora: “I would not give Kambosos more than 3 rounds. As for me, the judges counted him more than they should have. I also don’t see how he could have performed better in the second fight. On the contrary, Haney looked invincible. And his jab was just inimitable. How is Kambosos going to bypass Devin’s front arm? I don’t have an answer to that question.”

Mannix: “I’m not sure that’s the point. There is nothing shameful in the defeat of Haney – he is one of the best in this weight. But you should not miss the chance to earn such big money. Although I do not rule out that this time there will be a smaller stadium. As for me, the task of Kambosos is to insist on an immediate revenge in order to be guaranteed to raise the maximum money again. He can’t risk it, because who knows what happens next for Haney. He can fight Lomachenko and lose all the belts to him. Unless there is a clause in the contract that the winner is obliged to fight in Australia with Kambosos … “

Mora: “Kambosos had his moment of glory. And now it’s time for him to cash in the victory over Teofimo Lopez. It seems to me that now for him money is even more important than championship belts. He was already a champion. And now he has DVT moment Money is more important than titles. So forget all the belts…”

Mannix: “You took it right off your tongue … Exactly what! Now the main thing is to take all the money prescribed in the contract. Unless he is suddenly offered some even more financially profitable option. And if this is not and will not be, then it is necessary to grab your “titmouse in hand””.

Further, Mannix and Mora burst out laughing when they realized that they unexpectedly agreed on opinions (usually everything is exactly the opposite).

In the meantime, the lightweight rating from The Ring has been updated. Champion Haney compared the acting skills of Cambosos and Garcia. He turned out beautifully. Devin claims that if not a rematch with the Australian, then a fight with Lomachenko.

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