Just like in the days of Mike Tyson. De La Hoya with two hands for Fury-Ngannou fight


Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya strongly supports the idea of ​​a duel between world boxing champion Tyson Fury and MMA star Francis Ngannou, although he does not believe that it will turn out to be competitive.

Recall, the other day Ngannou said that he had already begun preliminary negotiations with Fury’s representatives about the fight, which could take place this summer.

“I think a fighter like Ngannou can last a few rounds if we’re talking about a boxing ring,” says Oscar. “But let’s not forget that Tyson Fury grew up in boxing. This is his sport. And he has a huge advantage. If we were talking about a cell, then it would be a completely different story. Ngannou would have taken him down, kicked him off his feet and knocked him out in 30 seconds. They are completely different sports.”

“However, their fight will be a big event and will be very useful for both boxing and MMA,” De La Hoya said. “It will be a megafight akin to an event involving Mike Tyson in his heyday. All the hype that comes with big events and fights will be here. It would be a huge fight.”

The other day, Ngannou also responded to Fury’s challenge.

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