Just great. What Donaire talked about after Inoue’s defeat


Legendary Filipino veteran of the ring Nonito Donaire (42-6, 28 KOs) lost his WBC bantamweight belt in a rematch with WBA Super and IBF pound Japanese puncher Naoya Inoue (23-0, 20 KOs) – the fight took place yesterday in Saitama (Japan).

It was too much. Inoue destroys Donaire in rematch — WMMAA report on this event

Donaire traditionally did not look for any excuses for the defeat and gladly paid tribute not only to the opponent, but even to the referee: “Today we lost, but I really appreciate your support and prayers. I had a great plan for the fight, I was in incredible shape. But the desire to fight was greatly let down. There’s nothing to be done here – I love this business, it’s not so easy to change in yourself. This was the biggest mistake in this fight. But I got a life-changing experience.”

“Inoue hit me really well. But I still wanted to keep fighting. Many thanks to the referee for stopping the fight, as I would have continued to rise to my feet – that’s who I am. It’s just that I’m definitely not one of those who capitulate. I want to thank everyone and pay tribute to Inoue. He’s an incredible fighter and I’m glad I shared the ring with him twice. I know he said the same about me. I am very glad that I am healthy. I’m glad that I can talk to you, that I can finally eat what I want. I didn’t think about defeat, but Inoue was too strong for me today, ”says the veteran.

“Inoue hit me really well,” Donaire says. “I didn’t even understand what happened. I didn’t see the punch because at that moment I was trying to counter it. All I know is that it was the hardest punch I’ve ever missed. I was just blinded. I want to wish Inoue all the best in his future career. And here we are, celebrating defeat (laughs). In fact, regardless of whether you won or lost, you still need to celebrate such events – you need to celebrate life.

Drama on Saitama 2 Aftermath https://t.co/R6K796jHz

— Nonito Donaire – filipinoflash.eth (@filipinoflash) June 7, 2022

Meanwhile, Inoue had already named a new target after the Donaire rout. Fans are not happy, they demand a fight with Fulton from the Japanese. The American has already commented on this.

In case you missed Inoue vs Donaire 2: knockout video and highlights of the fight.

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