Joyce is like Foreman, he will probably beat Usyk – promoter


Top American promoter Lou Dibella commented on the British heavyweight Joe Joyce (15-0, 14 KOs), comparing him with US heavyweight legend George Foreman, and also suggesting that even the current unified world champion from Ukraine Oleksandr Usyk will not be able to cope with Joyce (20-0, 13 KOs).

“Probably Joyce,” Dibella replied to the question of who, in his opinion, would win in a duel between Joe and Usyk. “He reminds me of the second coming of George Foreman and I take that as a big compliment. From the outside it may seem that I have some business with Joe, but nothing like that. I’m just a big fan of his. He’s kind of old school, physically strong, relentless heavyweight, and I love to watch him in action. I think you will agree with me that he is fun to watch.”

“Usyk, due to the fact that he is a very great master who can do everything, anyone will give a fight. Virtually he is the best boxer among all, especially in the heavyweight division, where the smallest gap between him and Tyson Fury, notes Lou. – This suggests that for Usyk the fight against Fury will be the most difficult. But Joyce is incredibly hard to shake. It’s some kind of freak monster. He misses the blows, but still goes straight for you to hit you with his heavy fists. He is truly ruthless.”

And here Dibella argued who would be the favorite in the Joshua-Joyce fight.

A source:
Seconds Out