Joshua fought the best in the world – Peter Fury


Uncle and former coach of the current WBC heavyweight champion (over 101.6 kg) Briton Tyson Fury Peter Fury in
interview for local media commented on the second defeat of the former British champion Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) to the Ukrainian unified IBF / WBO / WBA champion Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs).

Peter saw for the most part a repeat of the first fight, expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of Joshua’s new team and noted the superiority of the Ukrainian champion.

– What is your assessment of the second defeat of Anthony Joshua to Alexander Usik? I saw your tweets, but what is your overall assessment of how the fight went?

“Same strategy as the first time. Joshua tried a little harder, but didn’t do better. But that will never be enough. The notes were ridiculous. I gave the fight to Usik the same way as the first time. It was the same. They had a year to get it right, so what was the tactic in this fight?

We also need to understand that we are not in the ring with Usyk. Even if Joshua had the right tactics, Usyk leveled these tactics. I dont know. We can only speculate, but the performance was the same as last time. But Joshua was stronger and in better shape. That’s all.

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– In the ninth round, it seems that Joshua almost got to Usyk. From your point of view, Usyk was in trouble at that moment or not?

– Not. When Joshua really pressed in that ninth round, Joshua was more uncomfortable than Usyk. I don’t know, but these actions just took more energy out of Joshua. I think Joshua wasted more energy than he hurt Usyk. When he turned on the pressure, he had a very good round. This round definitely went into his piggy bank, but, as I said, in fact, the fight went the same way as the last one. And for the Joshua corner after the first three rounds, to say that they took them, that they win – what planet are they on? What’s the point of talking complete nonsense? What are you trying to do? Create some kind of fake reality? We didn’t see it that way. Why say something that didn’t happen? He was three rounds behind. Here is the reality. Or am I blind.

Does Joshua need more time to work better with his team? Can it happen in one fight?

– I dont know. This question is not for me. I really can’t tell what he should or shouldn’t do. He is not my fighter. Good luck to him. It takes a lot of courage to go out there. He has to be given credit because he fought the best in the world and he goes for these kinds of challenges. That’s what you get when you fight at that level. Things go wrong, they don’t go according to plan. And it’s not because of your mistakes. It’s because how good is the fighter in front of you. And a lot of people don’t give Usyk the credit he deserves. You can have all the plans for the world, but when you go out there, you can’t fit them. Because Usyk was so good.

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