Jose Aldo apologizes to Conor McGregor

Jose Aldo apologizes to Conor McGregor

Former UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, after a boxing match with Jeremy Stevens reacted sharply to the comment of Conor McGregor, said that he apologized to the Irishman.

“I got a little excited,” the Brazilian said in an interview with MMA Fighting. “I just rewatched the fight in the locker room, making sure I won it, everyone was talking about it, and right after that, the reporter asked me about Conor’s comment, and I didn’t even see what he said. I was on my nerves, rudely replied, but when I returned to Brazil, I sent him a message with an apology, because I realized that he did not challenge me, but rather supported me. I misunderstood his intentions. But we are doing well again. Conor is my friend. I wish him all the best”

Recall that the boxing match between Jose Aldo and Jeremy Stevens, which took place at the beginning of this month at the Gamebred Boxing 4 tournament, went through all six rounds and ended in a draw by a majority of judges’ votes.

Conor McGegor after the fight announced that he would like to share the ring with Aldo, and the Brazilian in response suggested that the Irish “shut up”, and also accused the former opponent of “running away from the rematch” with him.