Jorge Masvidal’s Gilbert Burns replies: “I’m going make that man suffer so much over three rounds that it should suffice.”


Gilbert Burns hasn’t given up hope on a five-round fight against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 287, though he concedes it probably won’t happen.

Just days after their matchup was announced for the April 8 card, the one-time UFC welterweight title challenger requested a 25-minute co-headliner. Masvidal quickly shot down that idea, adding he’d already signed his bout agreement and wasn’t interested in a five-round fight unless the UFC pays him “BMF money.”

Despite this declaration, Burns still awaits the UFC’s response. Burns really desires that chance, particularly for this fight.

“For sure, it’s a disappointment,” Burns told MMA Fighting. “I’m still waiting on the UFC. The UFC is in conversation with us. If they don’t believe so, I will say “Please, please.” I’m not asking for anything. Five rounds is all I want. Five rounds were done by you and Nate [Diaz], for Leon Edwards. You did five rounds at other times. Is it possible? I’m pushing, but we’re still waiting.

“It’s very hard when one guy says no – it’s very hard for the UFC to say yes. So we’ll see. It would be great to have the [‘BMF’] title and 5 rounds in my favor, because I think I will destroy him .”


Burns still plans on delivering a stellar performance, whether he has 15 or 25 minutes to work. He prefers to go for an additional two rounds so that Masvidal can be put away before the last horn.

“The main goal is destroying these guys and become champion,” Burns said. Burns stated, “If it doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen.”

“Three rounds, I’m going to make that guy suffer so much in three rounds that it should be enough, but five rounds just guarantees a finish. If it is 5 rounds I will finish. But if it is not, it’s all good .”

Burns wanted more than a five-round bout. He really wanted the chance to fight for the title of “Badest Mother F *****”” which Masvidal won after defeating Nate Diaz during a special attraction. 2019.

While many opponents called for Masvidal to be given the opportunity, the BMF title is mainly ceremonial. The UFC does not recognize it.

That said, Burns believes his record of accepting any opponent thrown at him — regardless of ranking or location — speaks volumes about his own BMF credentials.

” Having that belt, it’s clear to my true fans I don’t try and be different from everyone,” Burns stated. “I think we’re all humans, we’re the same, but I’m different. I fight anyone. I think I’m the BMF in the division and the whole UFC. Anybody can fight me.

“I fought Khamzat [Chimaev], I fought Neil Magny. “Wonderboy” [Stephen Thompson]. was the opponent I fought. I was called by those guys, “You want to fight Wonderboy,” and Wonderboy was [ranked] No. 5. I don’t care. I remember they called me not too long ago you want to fight the Russian dude, who is 20-0, I said yes. Do you want to go to Denmark to fight Gunnar Nelson in two weeks? Yeah, I’ll go. I believe I am way better than these guys .”

Despite a back-and-forth with Masvidal, Burns promises he has nothing but the utmost respect for his opponent. His only real issue came down to his revelation last year that the UFC offered him a fight against Masvidal and he accepted, only to see Masvidal claim that wasn’t the case.

More than anything, Burns wants to set the record straight that he’s never turned down a UFC opportunity.

“I respect this guy – he’s a beast,” Burns said of Masvidal. “Over 50 fights, fought in the backyard, the whole story. I respect Masvidal. Nothing against him. My only issue was I just hope these lies — these guys [need to tell the truth], ‘When the UFC offered me the fight, I said no,’ because everybody is playing games. These are things that bother me.

“Belal Muhammad said I ducked him. I never ducked that guy. He ducked fighting me in Brazil. He declined the fight offered by his official promoter. I don’t think he wants to face me. These are things that I wish all MMA fans would know. I never say no to a fight. I was presented with the Masvidal fight three times. Belal Muhammad received an offer, but he declined.

“I never said no to a fight. People should see that. [I wish] Dana [White] Or someone else would say “yeah this guy claims he is the BMF, but he really isn’t.” That one bothers me slightly. At the end of the day, that just fires me up. They don’t have the right to be in this position, and I will work harder to make them a champion. It just puts a lot of fire in me, these little lies when we’re playing games, trying to be funny. I am done with .”