Jorge Masvidal responded to Michael Chandler’s challenge

Jorge Masvidal responded to Michael Chandler's challenge

Former UFC welterweight title challenger Jorge Masvidal has no intention of fighting Michael Chandler, much less putting his BMF title on the line.

“Michael Chandler is a weakling,” the former street fighter told MMA Fighting. “I saw him fight my buddy Will Brooks when he gave up in the middle of a fight – he turned around, shook his head and said he had had enough. The first rule of The Most Dangerous B***er is you can’t be weak. You can lose, but don’t give up of your own free will. All this talk about the BMF title… No, it won’t. Chandler, I understand that you do not have the best perception of reality, but this will not happen.

“This fight is not going to get me anything at welterweight and it won’t move me to the title. If he moves up to welterweight, I’ll turn him to dust with one jab and he’ll crumble like one of those old statues that turns to dust when touched. Killing this guy won’t do anything for me or my career, and he’s not the best pay TV salesman. Do you know who the real dangerous bastard is? This is Dustin, but I will never fight him because he is my homie. Dustin never gives up, and just took out Chandler. There are a lot of dangerous fuckers in this sport, but Chandler isn’t one of them.”

Michael Chandler announced his desire to fight Masvidal after he suffered an early defeat at UFC 281 in New York, losing to Dustin Poirier by rear naked choke in the third round.

Jorge Masvidal suffered his third defeat in a row in March of this year, losing by unanimous decision to Colby Covington. Prior to this, Masvidal suffered two setbacks in title fights with Kamaru Usman, whom he first lost by unanimous decision and then lost by knockout.