Jorge Masvidal broke his silence about Colby Covington’s loss: “I was f ****** angry”


Jorge Masvidal is thinking up a master plan to finally get over the hump in his career.

At UFC 272, Masvidal served as one half of the main event, taking on his former friend and teammate Colby Covington in one of the sport’s most highly anticipated grudge matches in recent years. Masvidal was not happy. “Gamebred” was largely dominated in the fight and lost by a wide unanimous decision.

Things only got worse for Masvidal from there as he was arrested for allegedly assaulting Covington outside a Miami steakhouse two weeks after their fight. Since then, Masvidal has largely been keeping a low profile, however, he did recently break his silence by speaking with Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast, where he declined to comment on his the current allegations he is facing, but did speak about UFC 272 for the first time.

“I was f****** irate,” Masvidal said. Masvidal said, “I was upset and I like to be alone when that happens.” I find it better. Take a couple days to figure it out and if I have a problem and I can’t figure it out, f***, then it’s a real problem. I could fail at something, but if I could find a way to fix it, then I can go back and address it again, then I can sleep with peace at night. That’s how I ended up doing it — I spent five to six days there, then came up with an idea, which I now plan .”


This plan seems to be quite simple: Masvidal will wrestle. It’s a lot.

The “BMF” acknowledged that Covington was a tough fight because of Covington’s wrestling skills, which are an Achilles heel. This has already bitten Masvidal.

Nevertheless, Masvidal is determined to solve the problem.

” “Get back to work in a new way,” Masvidal stated. Masvidal said, “I have been involved in this sport for a long time… so I have lots of data I can go back and dissect and find out what is working and what isn’t.” It’s been a challenge with wrestling. It’s a couple times that I’ve had the problems. It wasn’t just me, it was all the wrestlers who were decent.

“With wrestlers, when they take me out of my element, and they’re able to keep pressing that hugging game, even when I do bring it to a neutral, I’m like, ‘F***, I spent a lot of extra power doing that.’ So knowing these things, I have a slight different plan and formula going forward to address these problems that I’ve had most of my career with the f****** wrestlers.

“The best program in the country currently, for the last 10 years, is Penn State,” Masvidal continued. Masvidal said, “I have good friends there so I am gonna spend some time in Pennsylvania. I will wrestle in morning, wrestle night and wrestle night. I won’t need to focus on boxing or kickboxing. It’s there any time. I’ve just got to sharpen it up before fights. So one of my main plans right now is go wrestle day and night and see what comes out of it.

“Then come back to the sport of MMA and see where I’m at. I don’t know how long that journey’s gonna take me. It’s unknown if it’ll take me six months to get there, or six weeks. But I do know that I will be there .”


As one of the biggest stars in the UFC, when Masvidal does return, there will be no shortage of potential opponents for the “BMF” champion. Conor McGregor and Leon Edwards have been mentioned as possible fights for Masvidal. Gamebred says that he isn’t concerned about it at the moment but is predicting violence when he returns.

” I’m still not thinking too far,” Masvidal stated. “I’m just gonna go sharpen these tools. You can just wrestle, wrestle, and then f ****** to see what happens. Once I feel that I have improved, I can hit a Super Saiyan against everybody. We’ll see who I’m going to f ****** kill.”