Jon Jones revealed his trump cards in a fight with Cyril Gun

Jon Jones revealed his trump cards in a fight with Cyril Gun

Contender for the vacant UFC heavyweight championship, Jon Jones, who is less than a month away from sharing the Octagon with Cyril Gan, does not consider the Frenchman the best striker he has ever faced.

“No, I don’t think Cyril is the strongest drummer I’ve ever met,” the American wrote on the social media in response to a related question from a fan. “Thiago Santos, Lyoto Machida, the list goes on. I’ve dated a lot of guys who were extremely dangerous on the stand and had intimidating one-hit knockout power.”

At the same time, the former UFC light heavyweight champion recalled that he has his own strengths, which he plans to use in this fight.

“I feel like I’ve stayed the same fast, explosive, and at the same time, I myself have gained knockout power that I didn’t have at light heavyweight. So I’m pretty confident, and besides, it’s definitely not a kickboxing match. Wrestling is more than a few takedowns, it’s a mentality and I’ve been working harder for the last three years than I have in my entire career. Fighting is in my blood, that’s who I am.”

The heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Cyril Gan will headline UFC 285 in Las Vegas on March 4.