Jon Jones laughed at Daniel Cormier’s reaction to his victory

Jon Jones laughed at Daniel Cormier's reaction to his victory

The new UFC heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, taunted Daniel Cormier as he laughed at his former opponent’s reaction to his dominating victory over Cyril Gun.

“My friend couldn’t even fake a smile, it was quite funny,” Jones wrote on the social network, commenting on the reaction video of Daniel Cormier, Joe Rogan and John Enik, who commented on his performance. “I began to ask what happened – such an experienced former champion and analyst suddenly could not identify the guillotine”

Last weekend at UFC 285 in Las Vegas, Jon Jones successfully resumed his career after a three-year hiatus, finishing in two minutes with a Cyril Gan guillotine choke to win the vacant UFC heavyweight championship belt.

Two days after the triumphant victory, the American rose to the first line of the P4P UFC rating, and Cormier said that he did not agree with Jones’ leadership in the list of the organization’s best fighters, regardless of weight category.