Johnny Eblin promises to crush and tear Anatoly Tokov

Johnny Eblin promises to crush and tear Anatoly Tokov

Reigning Bellator middleweight champion Jonny Eblin, who is set to split the cage with Anatoly Tokov this weekend, is poised for a dominating victory over the Russian challenger.

“It’s going to be fun – I’m looking forward to it,” the American told Just Scrap Radio. “I’m going to crush him and tear him to pieces. I will kill him in the rack, take him apart in the fight, and wear him out. I think I can finish it and stop it, but if not, we will go through five rounds and my hand will still be raised.”

At the same time, Eblin does not exclude that in the future he can go to the light heavyweight category, where the champion belt is held by Tokov’s teammate Vadim Nemkov.

“I think this is part of the next step. The title of double champion is the shortest path to the status of the best fighter of all time. But right now I have to defend my belt, so I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.”

Recall that the title fight between Johnny Eblin and Anatoly Tokov will be the second most important event of the Bellator 290 tournament, which will be held on February 4 in Inglewood, California, USA.