John McCarthy Names UFC’s New Cain Velasquez

John McCarthy Names UFC's New Cain Velasquez

Legendary referee John McCarthy considers Tom Aspinall one of the most talented heavyweights of his generation, but fears that the injuries that once ruined Cain Velasquez’s career will prevent the Brit from being realized.

“Every time I look at Tom Aspinall, you know who I see? I see Cain Velasquez,” said “Big” John in the next edition of his podcast. “And I worry about him being injury prone too. It may not be true, but the knee injury he sustained happened on its own.”

“At first glance, he is an athlete of the highest level, and this is just bad luck, but is it? Maybe he trains so hard that he pushes himself to the limit and becomes so fragile? Again, I see Cain Velasquez. The guy has all the talent in the world, but suddenly becomes extremely injury prone.”

Recall that on July 22, Tom Aspinal, returning to the octagon after a knee injury, will head the next British UFC event, which will be held in London, and Pole Marcin Tybura will confront him.