John Fury started Twitter and is already sitting at home – in a wagon: video


The colorful head of the fighting family, John Fury, on the first day of spring 2023, finally got himself
Twitter-account and immediately spammed it with messages – about the victory of Tommy Fury’s son, photos and videos with Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury’s eldest son, claims against Jake Paul.

(Before you watch the video, read Tyson’s hilarious story about why John Fury insured his testicles.)

On Twitter, John reposted the cartoon of Mujahid Fudailat, where he is also:

After that, he recorded an evening video at his Irish travelers’ kibitka, where he said that he had returned from Saudi Arabia – and immediately “to the roots”: light a fire, cook a meal, drink tea and all that.

“Cold rain freezes, but I feel free and healthy. The most important thing is freedom-ah-ah-ah-ah!” he sang at the end.

We will definitely see a Paul-Fury rematch: PPV going wild after Jake lost to Tommy.

John Fury praises Joshua: “I would knock over a glass with him!”