Joey Beltran nearly chokes to death ahead of fight, BKFC president springs into action to save his life


Ex-BKFC heavyweight champion Joey Beltran was just hours away from his main event bout against Frank Tate on Thursday when he nearly choked to death at breakfast.

According to Beltran, he was eating when one of his coaches showed him a funny video on his phone, which caused him to start laughing and a piece of food got lodged in his throat.

“I started choking,” Beltran told TMZ. Beltran said that he couldn’t swallow the food. “I couldn’t cough up the food. I panicked .”


It just so happened that BKFC president David Feldman was having breakfast at the same restaurant when the person sitting next to him was alerted to Beltran’s distress.

“We were actually just sitting there, I was having a conversation with one of my guys and he pointed and said, ‘Your main event’s choking,’ and I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?'” Feldman told MMA Fighting. “I look around, and I’m like holy s ***!.

“He was choking. Although he tried to cough, he didn’t make any sound and was just beginning to change colors .”

Feldman was only 12 old when he learned Heimlich from watching his father rescue someone in similar circumstances. He leapt off his table to help Beltran.

“I jumped up and I gave him the Heimlich three times, he spit the food out and he was good,” Feldman said. “It was crazy. He was saved by my quick actions. I’m happy, he’s happy. Joey is alive, so it’s all good .”

It was a frightening incident for everybody involved, but luckily Beltran was perfectly fine after coughing up the food and he’s still moving ahead with his fight in the main event at BKFC Fight Night from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“Of all people, the boss man had to come up and bust the Heimlich [maneuver],” Beltran said. “A couple pumps and I spit up the food out and it was all good. Dave Feldman is concerned about the fighters .”

contrary to popular belief.