Joe Rogan praises Sean O’Malley for UFC 280 performance, but believes Petr Yan won


Joe Rogan was not in Abu Dhabi for UFC 280’s Fight of the Night. However, while O’Malley has proven that he belongs among the bantamweight elites, Yan believes he should’ve been given the nod.

O’Malley ended up getting a highly debated split decision win in the featured bout this past Saturday. On the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the longtime UFC color commentator gave his thoughts on O’Malley’s showing in the biggest spot of his career.

“He was certainly in it against Petr Yan, who was a former champion, the best in the division, the No. 1 contender,” Rogan said. “It was a very close fight, and he definitely hurt Petr on multiple occasions. That big knee caught him and rocked him. But the question is: How much is the takedown worth? ?”

What is the value of control?

Yan’s second round had the most unanimous scorecard. He was a huge success with his feet and even managed to sting O’Malley in the round.

Yan was able to land a pair of takedowns in the third, but O’Malley nearly tripled up with significant strikes. With the first and third rounds very close, Rogan’s thoughts on the outcome are more based on the impact of Yan’s takedowns, and the scoring in MMA as a whole.

“Takedowns with no damage. What is the [value],” Rogan? “I’m not denying that I thought Petr Yan won, because I did think he won at the end of it, but takedowns without damage versus standup with damage, because ‘Sugar’ landed more strikes standing and had big moments. Yan also had big moments. One big left handed rocked Yan. The question is how valuable are those takedowns and how valuable is that top game, that control?

“We’re limited by this 10-point must system. One guy can win a round 10-9 and it can be a very close round, and someone can win a round clearly and it can be 10-9. This doesn’t seem to make sense .”