Jiri Prochazka vs. Glover Teixeira full fight video highlights


Watch Jiri Prochazka vs. Glover Teixeira full fight video highlights from the main event of UFC 275, courtesy of the UFC and other outlets.

UFC 275: Teixeira vs. Prochazka took place June 11 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang, Singapore. UFC light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira (33-8) put his belt on the line against Jiri Prochazka (29-3-1) in the night’s main event. The fight aired live on ESPN+ pay-per-view.

Catch the video highlights below.

For more information on Teixeira vs. Prochazka visit the live blog of MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1: Glover comes out in orthodox with Jiri in southpaw. Jiri touches the jab often and early, but Glove counters and scores a good body kick. Jiri looks huge.

Jiri hand fighting and switching stances early. Glover comes in with a nice body-head combo that lands. Jiri supports Glover in the cage, but Glover swings free and grabs an easy single. Jiri balances but Glover stays on the cage and finally tree tops him. Glover is in Jiri’s full guard now.

Jiri moves to the fence but Glover landing some good shots from the top. Here are more shots. Jiri attempts to get the fence up, but Glover sneaks behind Jiri and he flies away. It was awkward, but Glover pulls Jiri back down now that he is in the north. Some time and then Jiri explodes and he’s up on his feet!

Jumping knee from Jiri that misses but he’s brimming with confidence now and Glover is bleeding from the nose. Big shots barely misses from Glover and then he shoots a big single and immediately takes Jiri down! And moves to mount!

Big shots by Glover Jiri doing okay but damage amassing. Jiri rolls and Glover has the back but he’s high and Jiri trying to shake him. Glover tries an armbar but gets shook off and now Jiri jumps on Glover on the floor with big shots! Glover takes big shots, but only for a short period of time. Glover appears to be fine as long as the horn sound. Hectic round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Teixeira.

Round 2: Apparently Jiri may have tapped? According to reports, it looked at least somewhat like that. But wow that wrestling from Glover is dominant right now and that’s what his corner tells him.

Glover pokes Jiri in the eye by accident to start the round and there is a brief break before the restart. Jiri tries to remain long, but Glover crowds him. Glover steps in, but the men both swing and miss. Jiri is swinging a large one, and he’s using all of his speed. Glover can’t be stopped. Glover is marching down. No shots yet though.

Big left connects from Jiri, which gets Glover on his back foot. Glover is hurt by a jumping knee! He’s against the fence and Jiri sees it! Big shot and Glover in trouble! Glover shoots but Jiri defends. Glover is given a headlock, but Jiri takes control and is now in the zone.

Glover is bad at body language He looks exhausted. Jiri looks exhausted. He throws big shots at Jiri. Glover tries a single leg effort, but Jiri snuffs it off. Jiri is slowing down too though. Big pace. Jiri battling for elbows at the telephone booth.

Jiri is landing some monster shots and Glover is in retreat, but he scores a huge counter that puts Jiri down !!!!! Glover on top with 90 seconds left, looking for an RNC! Jiri turning into him. Glover poses for photos. Few land. Jiri controls posture. Glover at the top of the fence. 30 seconds left. Glover trying to pin the arm for a ground and pound. But he’s only able to move over to mount for a short while! Big elbow! Jiri is cut open as the round ends. That is a difficult score for me.

MMA Fighting score the round 10-9 Teixeira, 20-18 Teixeira overall.

Round 3: That round was absolute anarchy. It is not clear how Glover made it through the middle. I don’t know how Jiri managed to survive the end. But he is a huge cut over Jiri. But he looks … happy? He rules.

Both men looking fresh to start the third. Glover pushes forward, while Jiri and Collision clip Glover. Glover collapses under his guard, and Jiri isn’t laughing at him. On the feet, jumps again but misses. Left hand doesn’t though.

Glover lands a leg kick. Feels quaint given what’s been going on. Jiri is full of energy and Glover runs under, but Jiri stuffs Glover. Jiri has BIG left and Glover gets another chance, but Jiri stops them now. Jiri pushes in Glover, but Glover grabs one and trees tops him! Glover is on top, but Jiri gets down to his knees. This pace at 205 is INSANE.

Jiri scores some great shots against the fence. Glover takes them. Glover wins the bidy, but Jiri scores a huge one. Jiri shucks him. Jiri has become all over Glover. Glover is battered. Knee to the body forces another shot but Jiri smashes it and now he’s on top and bringing big elbows with Glover against the fence. Glover may look battered but he is still fighting for it. But he’s still bleeding aggressively.

1 minutes and Glover trying to hold on. Jiri going for an arm triangle which is idiotic and Glover immediately reverses and escapes. Jiri sacrificing a chance for violence. This is a great king. Glover lands some great shots here from the top. Both men are bleeding like stuck pigs.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Prochazka, 29-28 Teixeira overall.

Round 4: This is already the Fight of the Year and we have championship rounds to go. It’s going to come down to who has the gas tank. Who wants it more. It is a rule.

Both males looking fine off the stool. Slow start to the 4th though. 30 seconds in and Glover lands a big right hand. Jiri lands a hook to the body.

Jiri comes forward and lands a combo but he looks more winded. He lands a big combo, but Glover appears to have pure will and drives on a double. Glover in side control.

Not much happening here. It’s all about position. Welp, now Glover has moved to mount and there is a lot of time to work. Glover lands some shots and now working on an arm triangle but it’s not there at the moment. He moves to shots then moves back to the sub and this time it’s tight! Glover moves to one side, but Jiri escapes from the sub and reverses. He is on top, and he hits Glover with huge shots! Glover just surviving! Jiri is a great posture! 1 minutes to work!

Glover screams and dances around the back! This is INSANE. Glover doesn’t have the hooks in though and Jiri turns into him and he’s back on top and again with the GNP. These rounds are not easy to score. Could be 10-8s everywhere.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Prochazka, 38-38 overall.

Round 5: The scores could be ANYTHING right now. Glover has definitely won 2 rounds, possibly 3, and could have scored a 10-8 or 2. It could even be tied. Or Jiri could be ahead. Fifth round is all heart.

Both men embrace to start the 5th and Glover is back on the march. Glover lands a good combo. AND A HUGE RIGHT JIRI IS OUT ON HIS FEET!! HE STUMBLES FORWARD AND GLOVER JUMPS A GUILLOTINE BUT JIRI POPS OUT AND HE’S ON TOP!!!!!!! OMG, WHAT A WRONG DECISION.

Jiri recovered and he stands up from the guard. Glover hits a right-hand, but Jiri manages to land a great shot. Glover is really hitting that right hand, and Jiri’s tired. Glover is going for a takedown, but Jiri keeps him upright. He swamps to a single and almost gets it but Glover is tired too and they break.

Shots from both men at range. Glover lands a big right. And a big left. Glover again takes the takedown. Jiri defending but his but hits the mat. Jiri uses a switch. Glover can just ride this out and win but instead he completes it and moves to mount! 2 minutes left!

Jiri might not have anything left. He looks spent. Glover lands some shots and if he just postures up he might get the finish but he’s being patient. And Jiri explodes and reverses! He’s landing some big shots with the back turtle! Glover rolls but Jiri is with him and Jiri is now in side control! He moves to crucifix but Glover moves. Jiri leaps onto the RNC, and it’s below !!!!! He doesn’t have hooks! Glover defending but OH MY GOD GLOVER TAPS AND THERE IS A NEW CHAMPION!!!!!!

Jiri Prochazka defeats Glover Teixeira by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:32 of Round 5.