Jim Miller reveals he suffered ‘traumatic cataract’ in right eye following UFC Vegas 69 fight


Jim Miller may be headed for surgery after revealing a severe eye injury suffered during his fight against Alexander Hernandez at UFC Vegas 69.

According to Miller, he had been suffering from blurred vision in the wake of his loss. Miller visited his eye doctor, and he explained the severity of his injuries.

“This is an exciting development depending on your definition of exciting,” Miller stated on Instagram. I just returned from my eye doctor. It’s because of this that I appear to have been eating parmesan cheese on the ground with the president’s boy. My right eye has a traumatizing cataract.

“The doctor said that it might get a little bit better, but at this point — I mean it’s blurry even at half an arm’s length, but 12-feet away to the end of the room, if I close my left eye, I can’t really read the letters on the archery target. But I can see a motherf***** standing in front of me, so maybe we’ll kick the can down the road a little bit, a couple of months. We’ll schedule surgery for August of 2024.”

The American Academy of Ophthalmology defines a traumatic cataract as “a clouding of the lens that may occur after either blunt or penetrating ocular trauma that disrupts the lens fibers. Most traumatic cataracts are intumescent, but their type and clinical course depend on trauma mechanism and the integrity of the capsular bag.”

” My biggest concern is that my motherf ***** has behind me,” Miller stated, pointing at his hunting gear. It is impossible for me to see any thing through the peephole right now. No f****** way. I’m right eye dominant. Any task that involves eye alignment is my forte. I can do everything right-handed, from shooting anything to archery, and even playing pool. But we’ll see where we go.”

Based on Miller’s injury, he likely suffered blunt trauma to his eye from a punch or kick during the fight. A mild traumatic cataract can sometimes heal on its own, but “if the cataract must be removed, the clouded lens will be extracted surgically and replaced with a clear artificial lens.”

Miller mentioned the possibility of surgery, though it doesn’t appear he’ll be undergoing any procedure right away.

Miller, who holds the record for the most wins in UFC history with 24, has stated numerous times that he wanted to compete at least until UFC 300, which would follow appearances at UFC 100 and UFC 200. It’s unknown at this time if the eye injury could potentially disturb those plans as Miller continues to recover and await further diagnosis.