Jermell Charlo vs. Brian Castano 2 full fight video highlights


Watch Jermell Charlo vs. Brian Castano 2 full fight video highlights from their light middleweight championship bout, courtesy of multiple outlets.

In their second meeting, Charlo (35-1-1, 19 KOs) left no doubt that he was the better fighter as he put the previously undefeated Castano (17-1-2, 12 KOs) away in the 10th round with a stiff left hand that broke through Castano’s defenses.

Watch the amazing finish above.

Charlo took Castano’s WBO title and added it along with his WBA, Super, WBC and IBF titles, to make him the undisputed king in the light-mediumweight division. This was Charlo’s second shot at it after battling Castano to a controversial split draw last July.

The rematch was an action-packed affair from start to finish. You can see more highlights here.

Check out a live blog of the action, courtesy of Bad Left Hook:

Round 1: Both fighters meet at center ring but neith are willing to be the first to throw. Castano falls to his body, but he still wins. One-two comes from Charlo but gets blocked. Charlo pops a couple jabs that Castano catches. Charlo now takes a right hand and looks down at the body. Castano’s right hand is too far from the body. Castano is not getting the range as Charlo has been trying to evade Castano’s shots until Castano exchanges and gets hit with a hook. Charlo gets back on the move and Castano gets emboldened to come after him. Charlo digs the body with a left hook. Castano gets a clean left hook, while Charlo gets a right. Charlo gives a jab to the head.

Charlo 10-9.

Round 2: Castano takes center ring to start this round and Charlo looks down to the body and then rattles off a quick combination once Castano tries to respond. Right hand from Castano lands upstairs. Charlo throws three punches, but they don’t go clean. Charlo boxing around the ring and looking to get Castano walking into something. Charlo jabs to the body and misses a right hand upstairs. Charlo hits a right hand lead upstairs and then takes a left hook. Castano throws two punches at Charlo. Charlo attempts to return to the body using a left hook. Castano’s right hand goes directly to Charlo, and Castano counters by landing one on the head.

Charlo 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Left hook from Castano falls short. Charlo jabs and moves off the line. Charlo’s jab lands upstairs. Castano takes one back, and Charlo then attempts to get down to Charlo. Charlo is hit with a right hook. Castano’s right hand lead makes only partial contact. Charlo scores an uppercut and gets out of range before Castano can respond. Left hook lands to the head for Castano, Charlo landsa right hook and a left in return. Castano has Charlo in the ropes, and Charlo makes big moves to escape. Castano’s Jab gets in.

Castano 10-9, 29-28.

Round 4: Jab comes from Charlo but doesn’t land clean. Now Charlo sticks the jab better. Straight right lands to the body for Charlo after a jab. Now Charlo lands a left to the body. Charlo throwing both hands once Castano gets too close. Castano’s right hand is thrown over the edge. Castano follows Charlo, who ducks with a right-hand. Castano’s center ring has a double left hook. Both fighters trade left hooks and land. Charlo gets a jab. Left hook from Castano gets in upstaisr. Charlo takes some shots at the bell, but fights through the ropes. Great exchanges from both fighters!

Charlo 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Charlo meets Castano with a jab. Right hand lead lands clean for Castano, Charlo lands a left to the body. Castano is still applying pressure, but swelling has begun to appear around his right eye. Two clean shots land for Charlo to the head of Castano. Both fighters trade jabs, Charlo follows it up with a hook. Left hook from Castano only partially lands but Charlo is ready to respond to all of Castano’s offense with a number of punches. Right hand lands upstairs for Castano, then a left hook, then a right hand! Both fighters trading and landing again! Charlo lands an uppercut, and then takes a right. Charlo now wants to go after Castano, and let a few punches fly as Castano fights back.

Charlo 10-9, 49-46.

Round 6: Both fighters meet at center ring but Charlo takes a couple steps back as he wants space to counter effectively. Jab land clean for Charlo. Left lands clean for Charlo. Charlo lands a good right as Castano lands a left. Castano goes to the body with a jab. Charlo throws three punches at Castano to maintain a distance. Left hook lands for Castano upstairs. Castano’s right hand lead is clean! Charlo returns with his shot, but Castano gets on the move. Castano throws an interplay with Charlo. Grazing right hand lands up top for Charlo. Castano gets in an uppercut. Charlo lands a cuffing right hand.

Castano 10-9, 56-58.

Round 7: Castano tries to come forward but is careful not to be completely reckless, knowing Charlo is primed to counter. Right hand lands to the body for Charlo. Castano backs Charlo towards a corner but doesn’t commit and Charlo escapes. Left hand of Charlo is landed upstairs. Left from Charlo staggers Castano momentarily. Castano gets a jab, but Charlo scores an uppercut. Charlo’s left hand is a landing for Castano, but Castano would like to return the favor and get one.

Charlo 10-9, 68-65.

Round 8: Jab lands to the body for Castano. Right hand from Charlo gets blocked. Castano stalks and lands a right hand lead to the head. Charlo gets a counter very soon. Charlo throws in combination to try and fight the ropes. Right hook lands to the body for Castano, Charlo lands a clean hook to the head. Right hand counter scores for Charlo. Two hard body shots score for Castano, Charlo counters to the head. Right hand from Castano gets in upstairs.

Castano 10-9, 75-77.

Round 9: Left hook from Castano makes partial contact. Clean couple punches land well for Charlo to the head of Castano. Charlo’s right hand is hard to land at the head. Castano’s right hand hits the body with his right hand. Charlo would like to return with a one two that has been partially blocked. Short uppercut makes contact for Castano. Left hook from Castano makes contact and Charlo fires off a combination in return. Left hook lands downstairs for Castano. Left hook from Charlo lands to the head. Charlo’s left hook lands on the body this time. Castano receives two hooks and Charlo one back.

Charlo 10-9, 87-84.

Round 10: Left hook comes from Castano, Charlo responds right away. Charlo’s left hook lands perfectly. Castano goes down to the body with a left hook. Castano backs Charlo to the ropes and tries to work the body while Charlo is ready to answer Castano’s offense. Left lands upstairs for Charlo. Charlo is able to jab. Right hand from Castano makes partial contact. Castano’s right hand lands upstairs. Charlo responds once again. CHARLO LANDS A LEFT HOOK ON THE INSIDE AND DROPS CASTANO. Castano stands up, and Charlo attacks him. Castano then falls again. It is waved off by the referee!