Jemaine Ortiz names Haney-Lomachenko favorite


American lightweight Jemaine Ortiz (16-1-1, 8 KOs) almost upset the former division leader Ukrainian veteran Vasyl Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs) in October. The fighter suggests that his ex-rival will not be able to take away all the titles from the absolute world champion American Devin Haney (29-0, 15 KOs).

“I’ll probably bet on Devin,”
declared Ortis. Let’s see how right I am. Many fans believe that Lomachenko will give Haney a really tough fight. But based on what I saw in our full-time fight with him, I’m not sure about this. Haney has a very solid jab. And I managed to keep him on my front hand in a fight with Lomachenkoaboutmost of the fight. I think Devin will do the same – just keep Vasily at a comfortable distance.

According to Ortiz, “Lomachenko is still too small for light weight. And Devin will be too strong for him. I think the fight will be similar to how I boxed with Vasily.

The only question is when this fight will take place. Haney wants to fight Lomachenko before Ramadan, but Top Rank has other plans. The offender of the Ukrainian believes that “Lomachenko is no longer the same …”, and Devin’s sidekick is sure that Vasily will fly into Haney, this is 1000%.