Jan Blachowicz fights Magomed Anakalaev video highlights


Watch Jan Blachowicz vs. Magomed Ankalaev full fight video highlights from their UFC 282 main event clash Saturday night in Las Vegas, courtesy of the ESPN and other outlets.

UFC 282 took place Dec. 10 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Magomed Ankalaev (19-1) took on Jan Blachowicz (29-10) in a light heavyweight title contest in the main event. The fight aired live on ESPN+ pay-per-view.

Catch the video highlights below.

For more information on Ankalaev vs. Blachowicz visit the live blog of MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1

Jan comes out as an orthodox, while Magomed wears a southpaw.

Jan takes over the middle early, and Magomed is quick to take the lead. That’s a key weapon for him.

Jan scores an outside kick after being cautious from both ends. Magomed counters with a left-hand, then an inside kick. Magomedgoes for a teep, then lands a counter right when Jan comes in.

Magomed eats a jab and misses his check hook. That’s his favorite punch but Jan is clued into it early. Magomed is the one who initiates, and Jan barely misses an enormous left hand. An exchange of kicks. Neither man committing too much for now.

Magomed lands a left hand as Jan is backing up. The jab. Magomed dictates to begin. He appears to be much faster than Jan and Jan is looking for reads.

A good exchange between both men landing. Jan hits Magomed with a check left hook, causing some swelling. Magomed kicks high and gets stopped. Magomed’s left hand was prevented by Jan keeping his distance with his backfoot. And he rips a good body kick.

An exchange and Magomed lands a counter left, and then a nasty front kick. Another. That’s what he is starting to do. Jan sits on right hand and three come back at him. And another front kick. Magomed making money with that and it’s landing at will. Jan attacks the lead leg, and the round finishes with Jan just inches from the fence.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Ankalaev.

Round 2

Round 1 could’ve gone either way, and it’s always possible the judges scored that round 10-9 Pimblett. Let’s hope the action picks-up.

It happens almost instantly. Jan comes in, and the two of us exchange. Magomed kicks high and Jan hits a great body kick. Jan then lands a big right hand that Magomed eats well. Magomed goes back to the well with the front kick. Magomed misses the high kick.

Magomed with so many front kicks. And then lands a check right hook when Jan gets frisky. Jan goes for the inside low kick. Magomed returns one. The crowd is starting to get restless.

Jan is so far from home. He doesn’t want to eat left-handed food. And then he lands a left uppercut when he steps in. He also lands a jab. Jan has found a range he likes and he’s starting to succeed. Welp, he got too ambitious there and eats a big left hand counter. Then Magomed steps in.

Inside low kick from Jan lands and it gets a real reaction from Magomed! It hurt! It hurt!

Magomed nearly falls when another one hits. Magomed takes the shot for one after Magomed has injured his leg. Jan stays up and fires hooks into Magomed’s head. Magomed is unable to get the takedown so he abandons it. They get back to space and Magomed switches stances now.

Jan will be working on Magomed’s left leg, and Magomed swings huge. However, his rear leg seems compromised. Magomed grabs the clinch, and holds onto for the final round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Blachowicz, 19-19 overall.

Round 3

Magomed’s side is furious at their fighter. “Just kill him, you’re fast.” Yeah, but Jan is seeing the shots coming. Let’s see if Magomed goes to the wrestling sooner in this round.

Magomed comes out aggressive but eats a jab and then takes a low kick that gets a reaction. Magomed is in real trouble if he can’t get something going here. He’s moving around, trying to get life back into his legs. But eats another one.

Jan has zero interest in taking up boxing. He’s staying long, and looking for the kicks. Magomed uses a powerful right hand to swing and misses very rarely. Magomed is trying to get into a fight. Popping the jab and getting in Jan’s face. Jan goes high with a kick. Jan then eats the left hook counter.

Magomed is really closing in on Jan, closing in the gap. Exchange and Magomed land a great right hand. He’s starting to dictate the action again. Jan looking a little tentative as Magomed is in his grill right now.

Magomed is again left limping after Jan hits a low kick. Magomed shakes it off and he’s attacking now. He now shoots one-leg. He doesn’t understand, but Jan is against the fence. Can’t get kicked here. And he lands a good knee.

Jan trying to fight his way off but Magomed combos and gets right back on him. Magomed keeps a close eye on Jan, while Jan tries to get the shot to his legs. Magomed does a great left hand and gets a second. Jan defends, but Magomed hits a knee-low and it’s stopped.

We’re quickly back in action and Magomed has gotten back on top. Magomed is smothering the kicks with offense and forward action. Another clinch. He gets a single leg and now he’s finished the takedown with short time, but no damage.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Ankalaev, 29-29 Ankalaev overall.

Round 4

It’s entirely possible that Round 3 was a Jan round but he didn’t land much other than the leg kicks. These were definitely damaging but Ankalaev was strong in the middle of the round so I am rewarding him.

Magomed instantly crosses Jan’s cage, and he’s trying get him locked up. Jan still looking for the money shot but Magomed grabs a clinch and gets him to the cage where he lands a pair of good knees. Good infighting from Jan here, battling hands. Magomed continues to stick with Jan and Jan appears tired.

Magomed performing some hooks and uppercuts on the body. And knees. Jan can’t clear and Magomed gets double unders but Jan breaks. Magomed instantly shoots a double, and that finish is clean! Jan closes his guard and Magomed now has 3 minutes to work from top position.

Magomed is chipping in small shots from the top. Jan tries to move, but Magomed moves over to his half-guard. Jan now turns, and Magomed is at Magomed’s back!

He has one hook and Jan will go back to the fence. This position is a lot like the Jan-Glover fight. Magomed landing some solid left hands here. Jan attempts an elbow, and Magomed grabs Jan’s leg and puts Jan down. Magomed smashes Jan against the fence and now he is in top-half.

Magomed staying busy with consistent work. Jan is unhappy while he munches on a large elbow. Although he’ll finish the round, I’m not sure how much gas Jan still has. Magomed postures up with 15 seconds left and drops some huge shots in. Jan shoves him off and we end the round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Ankalaev, 39-37 Ankalaev overall.

Round 5

The final round of the fight and it is VERY possible that this is all tied up at 2-2. Jan needs leg kicks and Magomed needs one takedown. And Magomed looks fresher off the stool. Championship on the line!

The two men hug to start.

Magomed rushes in, Jan sprawls, something weird happens and Jan tries to avoid it but Magomed gets on top of him. It’s not clear if Jan was hurt or just spazzed. But it was strange. End result is Magomed in full guard almost immediately into the fight.

The crowd starts booing loudly as Magomed starts chipping away. This is not what they came for. Magomed opens the guard with a can opener. Jan on a hip trying to escape but Magomed is way too strong on top and his head position is excellent.

Magomed has Jan against the fence and he’s stepped over to the top half guard. Magomed has taken a few shots, but not much. Jan continues to try and move, but no joy. Now Magomed has the far wrist control and his left hand is getting through unabated!

Jan tries some elbows from the bottom but Magomed just pounds right though it. Jan is fully trapped here and the left hands are coming down now. Jan grunts now, trying to escape from harm or get out of it. And Magomed stays heavy and punching.

Marc Goddard would like Magomed get to work. So he gets some elbows falling. This fight saw Ankalaev perform well as a champion. Ankalaev, assuming he won the first round is now on the way to being the next champion.

Short time and Magomed really laying in with some short elbows while Jan just holds on to survive at this point, and he does.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Ankalaev, 49-46 Ankalaev overall.

Official Decision

Jan Blachowicz and Magomed Ankalaev ends in a split draw (48-47 Blachowicz, 48-46 Ankalaev, 47-47).

Source: https://www.mmafighting.com/2022/12/11/23503636/jan-blachowicz-vs-magomed-ankalaev-full-fight-video-highlights-ufc-282?rand=96749