Jamal Hill gave his prediction for the fight with Alex Pereira

Former UFC bantamweight titleholder, Jamal Hill, has no doubts that he will score a dominant victory over the division’s current champion, Alex Pereira, and reclaim the belt he was forced to vacate last summer due to injury.

“I’m a level above Pereira and most people in this division,” MMAnews quoted the American as saying. “I’m looking forward to coming back and tearing everyone up to show my true level that I’m at.”

“It doesn’t matter what the fight is or exactly how it ends. I see myself winning in a dominant style, as I always do.”

Last weekend, the head of the world’s strongest league, Dana White, announced that a bantamweight title fight between Pereira and Hill will be the main event of UFC 300, which takes place April 13 in Las Vegas.

That said, both fighters admitted that the bout was scheduled at the last minute because the league had trouble organizing a main event fight for the anniversary event.