Jake Paul: “Yes, I fought two world champions! What about Fury?


American Youtuber boxer Jake Paul (6-0, 4 KOs) is confident that his professional experience and short training life will outweigh everything that his rival this weekend can boast of – British light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury (8-0, 4 KOs)

According to the fighter from the USA, which he voiced in an interview BT Sport BoxingTommy “always in good shape, rocked like a turtle.”

“Before the clash with him on the press, I did not know what was higher. Thought he was taller than me. He’s also handy. But it doesn’t matter, I use mobility to neutralize it all. Although, stop, no, I don’t want to reveal … He is talented by nature, fast, with great reach. Good jab. But I think he has a little head in the clouds with his self-confidence. Confidence is a good thing, but if you’re overconfident and you hit me, things won’t be the same as you’ve had with others so far.”

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He also suggested that the Fury brothers’ father, John, is not the best coach: “He has been working with Tommy all his life. And what? He enters the ring and looks “green”. What do they actually do in training? People don’t even know what bodyshots are.”

“I’m faster. I have a better defense, a better pendulum, better body shots, better footwork, a stronger punch, a stronger chin, I am more courageous and enduring. And he has never boxed 8 rounds before, and I have not boxed twice, with two world champions in MMA, who are damn tough. He doesn’t have the same attitude as me. He has not yet fought someone who has a killer attitude and who is ready to die to win, ”Jake said.

You know, How much Paul and Fury will earn? There are millions.