Jake Paul ready to ‘move on to the next one’ if Tommy Fury can’t resolve visa issues, takes shot at Tyson Fury


Jake Paul may have other plans for his next fight after all.

Earlier this week, it was reported Paul’s upcoming boxing bout against Tommy Fury set for Madison Square Garden on Aug. 6 is in jeopardy due to Fury being denied entry to the U.S. According to Fury, he and his team were not permitted to fly out of London for a press conference that was to take place in New York on Wednesday that was later postponed.

TMZ later reported that the restriction is due to Fury’s half-brother Tyson, a world champion heavyweight boxer, having a past association with suspected crime organization leader Daniel Kinahan. Kinahan was sanctioned by the U.S. government this past April.

Paul has been badgering Fury on social media to resolve his visa issues and in his latest post he suggested that he is ready to move on from the grudge match, which has already been postponed once.

“Tommy Fury is in hiding,” Paul wrote. “B**** made.”

“Instructed my team to do a Hova and move On To The Next One,” he added.

Paul also took a shot at Tyson, who had previously put forth a $1 million wager for Paul to put up for his fight with Tommy, while at the same time questioning whether Paul could afford it.

“Tyson Fury lawyer never got back to my team on setting up escrow for our $1M bet,” Paul wrote. “Never believed in his brother.”

Paul’s latest insults at the Fury family followed a video he made Wednesday in which he implored Tommy to go to an embassy and resolve his visa issues. He also mentioned that he would be open to fighting in the U.K., but that he believes it would be a poor business decision for all involved.

“Update: We’ve spoken to Tommy Fury’s lawyers,” Paul claimed. “They are all advising him to just go to the embassy to get his visa. That’s all he has to do. But Tommy is showing no urgency. He hasn’t gone yet. He’s not communicating with us on what he’s doing. Is this another case of ‘Tommy Fumbles’ just being scared to fight me? I think that’s what it is.

“I think the Fury family is trying to manipulate something here to make me fight in the U.K. OK. You want me to fight in the U.K.? Show me $15 million. Because here in America we do more pay-per-view buys, we do more ticket sales and we do more sponsorships. I’ve shown you the money. We’re ready to go. MSG. August 6. Tommy, you’re going to miss out on the biggest payday of your life because you want me to come to the U.K.? Like I said, I’ll come there, just show me the money, but y’all can’t do that. Y’all don’t have $15 million. This is embarrassing. Go to the embassy, get your visa, and let’s make this fight happen. Stop ducking me and stop wasting my time.”

Outside of the initial video Fury released addressing his inability to travel, his team has not elaborated on the matter.

It is not known if Paul will pursue an alternate opponent for Aug. 6 should a fight with Fury fall through a second time.