Jake Paul reacts to Nate Diaz’s UFC 279 triumph: Diaz ‘would have slapped the s*** out of Khamzat’


Of all the parties watching UFC 279’s main event, Jake Paul may have been the most interested in Nate Diaz’s performance against Tony Ferguson.

Paul has long been Paul’s target in a fight for boxing. Just finishing the fight, the Stockton star from Calif. was just one step closer the open market.

But on Saturday in Las Vegas, Diaz did much more than just win – he went out in vintage form, submitting Ferguson in the fourth and cutting a promo for the ages in the final fight of his UFC contract.

Paul could hardly contain his excitement at the outcome, and the former YouTuber turned boxer quickly made his intentions known while praising Diaz.

Paul’s next boxing match is booked; he meets former UFC middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva on Oct. 29. But now that UFC President Dana White no longer stands between them, Paul hopes Diaz will be standing across from him sooner than later.

Here’s out Paul reacted to Diaz’s win at UFC 279.