Jake Paul offers Paddy Pimblett new date for sparring session so ‘you will be back to your normal weight’


Paddy Pimblett’s UFC 282 fight won’t interfere with a potential $1 million sparring session, Jake Paul wrote on Wednesday.

In an effort to get Pimblett in the ring, Paul offered Pimblett a Jan. 5 date so “by then you will be back to your normal weight,” he wrote on Twitter. “No excuses.”

Paul previously announced he’ll fly the UFC lightweight to his adopted hometown of Puerto Rico so they can mix it up in the ring to settle a bet. The wager is $1 million if Pimblett wins, and membership in Paul’s United Fighters Association if he loses.

Pimblett got Paul’s attention by accusing him of staging fixed fights. On Wednesday, Paul wrote the U.K. star also wanted to leverage his popularity.

“Fella my team told me you have been trying to book me for ur [sic] podcast, Jan 5th,” Paul wrote on Twitter. “So I’m sending you a jet to bring you to Puerto Rico. Both of our teams will film. We spar, 5 rounds and then we can do your podcast. By then you will be back to your normal weight. No excuses.”

Pimblett accepted the boxer’s initial challenge shortly after it was issued. But his counter was for Paul fly to Las Vegas for a sparring session at the UFC Performance Institute.

That might be a big ask considering Paul is persona non grata with UFC President Dana White, so Paul took that potential roadblock out of the equation.

Paul most recently fought at 186 pounds, well above the 200-pound mark Pimblett said he pushes on the off-season.

The UFC still has the ability to get in the way if the two parties somehow come to terms. Fighters can be restricted by contract from engaging in risky activities that could injure them or prevent them from competing in the octagon. Given Pimblett’s star status, a block may not be out of the question.

Then again, White may just make his own wager – if any legal outlets offer a line.

While Paul is trying to spar with Pimblett, he’s also angling for his next fight, a boxing match with new free agent Nate Diaz.

Source: https://www.mmafighting.com/2022/11/30/23485919/jake-paul-offers-paddy-pimblett-new-date-for-sparring-session-so-you-will-be-back-to-your-normal?rand=96749