Jake Paul is ready to fight with Carl Froch: called the condition


Mega-popular social media content maker Jake Paul (6-0, 4 KOs) reacted to the constant verbal attacks against him from the former world champion and newly minted Boxing Hall of Fame member Carl Froch, who does not like that Jake is receiving increased attention from the public and the media. And let’s not even talk about earnings.

Jake Paul is a clown. Damn idiot. Poseur. He’s not even a fighter… If I could have one last fight, it would be Jake Paul. I would just blow it to shreds. He does not know how to fight, he is a pretender and deceives people. Yes, it has its own audience. No, I don’t envy him making money. Does what it does. But he is not a professional boxer! And he knows that you can’t get close to me, ”Karl said, in particular, a few months ago.

Paul, who has a seventh pro fight scheduled to take on Britain’s Tommy Fury next week, is ready to take on Carl, who retired in 2014, in light of all this. But on one condition.

“Carl Froch is furious because I made more in one year than he did in his entire career,” Jake said. “You obviously want to cut down the dough. I accept it. Let’s do this: you fight Anderson Silva in the next show with my participation, and if you are lucky and the victory remains with you, then we can enter the ring with you and you will get your coveted jackpot.

Obviously, this is not about the show on February 26th. Whatever the case, we’ll see if Froch responds.

Recall that it was Silva who became Paul’s rival in the previous fight in October last year. Jake knocked down the MMA legend and won on points.

Earlier it became known that Jake will get into the WBC world ranking if Fury wins.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/162894-dzheyk-pol-gotov-bitsya-s-frochem.htm?rand=141343