Jake Paul: “I would not even have to train for that fight.”


Jake Paul is ready to give Tommy Fury one more chance.

In December of this year, Fury and Paul were to meet in the squared circle to fight for Paul’s fifth professional bout. Fury had been forced to withdraw two weeks prior due to a rib injury. Paul defeated Tyron Woodley by an emphatic knockout and Fury and Paul were set to face each other again. The two were then scheduled for a showdown in August, however, visa issues prevented Fury from being able to comes to the United States, again putting the kibosh on their grudge match.

Now that Paul beat Anderson Silva, Fury wants to resolve their differences in the ring. Despite the previous failures, Paul said he was open to the match.

“Yeah, there’s definitely interest. “I think if his group is taking financial risk and putting on the event, then that’s fine with me,” Paul said to Ariel Helwani in The MMA Hour HTML1. “I just don’t want to take the risk anymore because I think he’s going to back out, again, most likely. But it’s an easy fight for me. Way easier than Anderson.

” The kid is a rookie and has never fought anyone of any merit. He has never fought in an eight-round fight. Although he has the same experience as me, despite being a pro boxer his entire life, he is not respected by those who call him professional. So I would love to strip that title from him. I wouldn’t even have to actually train for that fight. I would still train because I’m a professional, but I wouldn’t have to train to fight him.”

After Fury withdrew from their second booking, Paul tried to face Hasim Rahman Jr. instead, however, weight issues for Rahman ultimately upended that booking. Paul faced Silva instead in October and won a unanimous decision, the largest victory in his career. Paul admits to doubters despite his big victory, but he feels that it would be easier to beat a professional fighter than a former MMA fighter. Paul said that Fury’s visa problems continue to make it difficult for him to book a fight in England.

“I think that would be epic,” Paul said. “I love going to those crowds, because they would all boo me and I shut them up all the time. It’s fun to play that role, and be the heel. Especially in the U.K.”

Fury must take care of some important business before they put the cart in front the horse. Fury will be facing Paul Bamba, a reality TV star in the main event of the Floyd Mayweather-vs. Deji Exhibition Match on Nov. 13, Dubai. There’s also the chance that another opponent jumps in line ahead of Fury; the highly speculated bout with Nate Diaz is still on the table for Paul, and “The Problem Child” has mentioned an interest in trying his own hand against Floyd Mayweather as well. There are plenty of options for Paul, and for the moment, he ready to weight them out while waiting to see what happens with Fury.

” I guess we need to start over,” Paul stated. I haven’t had the chance to relax and find out if other fighters are calling me. There are many options, but I have to choose the one that makes sense. So, .”

is back on the drawing board.

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