Jake Paul goes in on Michael Bisping: ‘I started wiping my tears away with $50 million’ I made in 2021


You know you’ve got Jake Paul’s attention when he starts posting full diss videos, and Michael Bisping is his latest target.

Paul took on the former UFC champion on Sunday. He recently added him to his “hitlist” of potential opponents. This sparked a Twitter exchange.

The YouTuber became a boxer and mocked Bisping’s injury. He then challenged Bisping to another bout.

Bisping fired back after Paul’s first challenge, declaring, “I won a world championship and more importantly the respect of the fight community, telling the boxer “that’s 2 things you’ll NEVER do. Ever.”

In response, Paul pointed to his earnings in a pair of boxing matches with ex-UFC champ Tyron Woodley, whom he outpointed and then knocked out in a pair of fights this past year.

“When I was crying earlier after he tweeted me – I was sobbing – then I was like, ‘F***,’ I started wiping my tears away with the $50 million that I made last year fighting. In my last fight, by the time Round 3 was over, I made more money than he did in his whole entire career. So I get why he’s mad at the new kid on the block, talking all this s***.

“And when he looks at his bank account, guys, you may not know this, he only sees half of it, so he really thinks he made half of that amount of money since he only has one eye. But the eye jokes are not funny. It’s not funny to me. I…think it’s mean. And…I…am sorry.”

Bisping didn’t come out of nowhere on Paul’s supposed hit list. This past May, the former champ claimed that he had been offered a match with Paul in boxing. He declined it because it was too expensive.

But money is only one obstacle to any possible fight between Bisping or Paul. Paul points out that Bisping would need to be licensed in order to fight. This would prove difficult for him with his vision issues.

As Bisping noted the first time a Paul fight came across his desk, he believed the fight offer was just another publicity stunt. As Paul noted, he has praised Paul’s performances, once strongly refuting conspiracy theories of a fix in Paul’s rematch with Woodley.

The only difference between now and then is Paul giving his publicity stunts greater production value and making his insults much more personal.