Jake Paul declares that it’s now time for Nate Diaz to talk to Jake after the Tommy Fury fight


After dispatching Tommy Fury this weekend, Jake Paul says Nate Diaz is next.

This Sunday Paul takes on Fury in their eagerly awaited grudge match. Should he win, Paul will move to 7-0 in his professional career and silence the critic who disparage Paul for only fighting MMA fighters. Paul says that plans for the next fight against Nate Diaz are in place and they won’t need to be silent.

“I believe they are ready,” Paul said to Ariel Helwani during The MMA Hour . “I’m getting through Sunday and we’re gonna line that one up ASAP. I think that’s next. I think that’s what the fans want, and that’s who I want. After much back-and-forth, it is now time for us to move on to the real business.

Paul has been asking for a fight with Diaz for quite some time. Diaz suggested that he would fight Paul in his last post-fight speech at the UFC. Paul, on the other hand, keeps calling out Diaz and even offers to fight him in a MMA match after their first bout in boxing. And according to Paul, that offer is still on the table, but he’s not sure Diaz is in for that.

” I want to fight one boxing fight, and one fight MMA. But, Nate’s team has not been fully aligned yet,” Paul stated. “Or I don’t know if they realize how serious I am about that. I think they thought I was just doing it for hype, but I’m dead ass.”

Paul said that the team is targeting a boxing match against Diaz later in the year. This could be this summer. However, nothing has been set in stone. He also noted that there are a number of other matchups out there waiting for him, particularly a grudge match with fellow YouTube-turned-boxer KSI. However, if he has his druthers, Diaz is first on the list.

” I think Diaz probably,” Paul stated. “[It’s] just more interesting. That fight would definitely be a highly anticipated event in the combat sport and real world fight arenas. I think the internet will love me vs. KSI and the younger kids, but like I said, I’m on the path to be a world champion. I like fights against real fighters.”