Jake Paul claims that KSI dodged him in heated back-and forth.


Jake Paul and KSI got into it Monday on social media.

During a Twitter Spaces, the YouTube boxers were able to communicate with one another following KSI’s interview on The MMA Hour where he accused Paul of hiding behind contract negotiations.

KSI had been scheduled to take on Dillon Danis in Saturday’s main event at a Misfits boxing event. However, Danis withdrew and will now be taking on FaZe Temperrr. As you can see in the video below, Paul and KSI exchanged for almost eight minutes.

” You know that I would f*** with you,” KSI stated. “Why do you think I came back?”

“You came back acting like you wanted to fight me and when the negotiations happen you get all f****** scared,” said Paul. “If you could f*** me up, how come you haven’t done it yet?”

Paul then ran off his credentials during his 5-0 pro run — which includes wins over past MMA world champs Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silvs.

“Fair play, bro, you’ve done a great job there,” KSI said. “When I come through and flatline you, you will understand that there are levels to this game.

“You are literally fighting FaZe Temperrr,” Paul responded. You fought an artist who has never been in combat .”

“Woodley literally stood there to get knocked out you f***,” KSI said in return.

” And then, I beat one the greatest combat sport strikers ever,” Paul stated. “KSI, you have nothing to say. It’s crazy your ego can’t handle this s***. It’s obvious that you are afraid .”

“I agreed to fight you for free and you know that,” Paul continued. “Everyone online knows that [I did] on short notice. You had me two weeks before your fight. You still p ****** me if I had to fight you.

“Tommy [Fury] isn’t going to show up [either]. Hey, look at what’s in the U.K. water because you all be p ******. Duck, duck, goose.”

Other speakers suggested that fighters agree to fight this summer. Paul said that timeframe works for him, while KSI is hopeful the matchup could happen at the end of 2023.

“KSI, do you want to fight over the summer,” Paul asked.

“I said what I said: End of the year,” KSI responded.

“But are you actually going to do it,” Paul asked.

” What do you think? Are you f****** dumb? I told you I’m going to fight you,” KSI said.

“November, December, September, whenever the f*** you want it, I just want to hear you say it out of your mouth because I know you’re going to retreat, bro,” Paul said.

Paul has teased his next bout, although an opponent hasn’t been named. The 25-year-old has thrown out two names that are in the mix, Tommy Fury, and former UFC and current BKFC competitor Mike Perry. Paul signed a multiyear contract with the PFL, which gives him a spot within the promotion. It is expected that he will compete in an MMA bout as soon as this year.

Paul left the chat and unloaded a prediction about a fight with KSI if a bout gets put together.

“I am walking in with my ski mask because they said the winner takes it all. I’m going to knock your **** ass in in two rounds and then do a front flip of your body while it is on the canvas,” Paul stated. “I hope when you look in the mirror every night in the mirror you realize that you’re ducking me, and you’re scared, and the greatest thing to ever happen to you was Prime [energy drink] because my brother brought that to you. You’re lucky, because the Paul family keeps blessing you.

“But f***boy, I’ll be there later.”

Source: https://www.mmafighting.com/2023/1/10/23548081/jake-paul-accuses-ksi-of-dodging-him-during-heated-back-and-forth-duck-duck-goose?rand=96749