Jake Paul claims he is ‘already losing an interest in a possible KSI fight’: ‘He’s like a side-chik for me.


In the influencer boxing sphere, the two biggest names are the YouTube personalities KSI and Jake Paul, and for months, KSI has been openly courting a match between the two. KSI laid out the plan earlier this week for the eventual matchup. He will beat Paul at the conclusion of 2023.. Only there’s one problem: Paul is losing interest.

Paul speaks with Ariel Helwani to dismiss KSI’s latest attacks.

“He is like a side-chicken for me,” Paul stated. I have bigger goals than him. “I want to be world champion. I will become world champion. This is the road I am on. KSI is like a side quest. Of course I’m his end goal. It’s just funny to me. That’s why I am the A-side. He is so desperate. He wants this so badly.

“Don’t get me wrong, I would love to fight him, but I’m focused on fighting real fighters, real champions. His main focus is on WWE, Misfits, and fighting video gamers. That’s what I did four years ago, three years ago. There are levels, so until he fights somebody like [Tyron] Woodley which would be a great fight for him, there’s no way to impress me with anything he has done.”

Paul is most critical of KSI for the quality of his opponents. While Paul himself has faced backlash for primarily fighting MMA fighters during his boxing stint, KSI has not even done that, instead facing a litany of fellow influencers through his Misfits Boxing promotion. Tyron Woodley (former UFC welterweight champion) has pursued a fight against Paul, but to no avail. In the same interview where KSI dragged Paul, he noted that his next opponent would likely be Joe Fournier, a former WBA International light-heavyweight champion and influencer, an opponent Paul has little respect for.

“Beat Woodley, 1 million percent,” Paul said when asked which opponent would be better for KSI. “Fournier doesn’t have an audience. Woodley, a huge name and pay-per view draw, makes for an exciting fight. I believe KSI would like to fight Joe because he is technically a professional fighter, however Joe has been around taxi drivers and very easy fighters. Joe’s record is good, but it’s not perfect. He’s never fought anyone, actually…

“It’s funny, Tyron and I have gotten closer over the past couple of months. He’s probably going to knock him out by Tyron, I believe. And I think that’s why he’s most likely going to choose Joe.”

Should that come to pass, while Paul beats Tommy Fury and gets ranked by the WBC for his troubles, Paul says that would really put a damper on a potential fight between the two, because at the point, the only thing Paul would gain would be money.

” I’m already losing my interest,” Paul stated. “He talks, he has excuses, he says one thing and then goes back on his word. To be honest, he reminds me of Tommy Fury. It’s a hobby that I have lost interest in. It would be primarily for the sake of picking up a bag. Bank Robbery: I will go into the bank, knock him unconscious, do a front flip, then take his bag home. That’s it .”


Paul meets Fury in February. 26 At the Diriyah Arena, Diriyah (Saudi Arabia).