Jake Paul challenges Dana White to bet against him in Anderson Silva fight: ‘I bet you won’t Dana, cause you’re a b****’


Jake Paul doesn’t have any animosity towards Anderson Silva as they prepare to clash in October but the same can’t be said when Dana White’s name gets invoked.

At a press conference, Silva and Paul met face-to-face. The 25-year old social media influencer became a boxer. He challenged the UFC president for a bet with him. The offer was presented after Paul responded to claims that he would never face someone as talented as Silva, who has found new life in boxing after retiring from mixed martial arts.

“Dana White didn’t think that I would fight for this fight,” Paul stated. “Dana, I know you’re watching, you still owe me a million dollars from when you bet against me on Ben Askren. I want you to come out of hiding, stop being a b**** and make a bet against me and Anderson and actually pay up this time. Cause you didn’t think I would take this fight.

“Let’s place a wager. Let’s put a million, $2 million, let’s put $5 million on it. Dana? I’m sure you won’t, you’re a ****.”


The origin of this bet is back to Paul’s fight against Askren, when White publicly stated that he would place $1 millions on Askren to win their boxing match. Paul ended up knocking out Askren in devastating fashion but White later clarified that he never actually put down a wager on the fight.

The bitterness between the two has continued to simmer, with Paul continually taking shots at White and the UFC president openly stating that he does not want to discuss the topic.

“Stop asking me about Jake Paul, you guys,” White said in August. I don’t care what Jake Paul does. Although I love you, this s ***, has absolutely nothing to do my business. He does not fight for me and he isn’t even in the same f ****** sports as I. I don’t want to talk about him anymore. I don’t care.”

Paul didn’t hesitate to mention White, while spewing more vitriol at him than he could handle.

In fact, Paul promises that there will be no trash talk aimed at Silva because that’s a fighter he truly respects unlike some of his past opponents.

“It has everything to do with all my past opponents being d***heads,” Paul stated. We love Anderson Silva, and he is one of the most kind guys in the entire world. If my opponent is a d***head, I’m going to treat him like a d***head and beat his f****** ass and I think people have seen that side of me.

” But I respect him. I’m still going to knock him out but respectfully knock him out.”

Silva smiled at that last line as he answered back by adding “maybe not.”

As far as the large MMA community, which has been in a love-hate relationship ever since Paul crossed over to boxing, he seems not to care about what anyone feels toward him.

” I don’t give an f ***,” Paul stated. “I played [UFC fans] like a fiddle. Got them watching, got them intrigued and now they’re in my hip pocket. They’re all part a larger plan .”

and I am winning my own game.