Jake Paul and Tyson Fury made a million dollar bet


On August 6, in New York (USA), star YouTuber boxer Jake Paul (5-0, 4 KOs) will fight against British light heavyweight Tommy Fury (7-0, 4 KOs). Recall that this fight was planned back in December last year, but then Tommy refused to enter the ring, citing an injury.

The famous brother of Tommy, the reigning world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, is confident in the victory of his relative and, in support of this, announced his readiness to make a bet for $100,000.

Having found out about the desire of the heavyweight, Paul decided to raise the stakes and turned to Tyson with a counter offer.

“Tyson Fury, who made $40 million last year, wants to bet $100,000 on his brother. Oh my god, we’re shaking,” Jake said. Hey Tyson, you fucking fagot, you made $40 million. Let it not be as much as me, but let’s still raise the stakes. Let’s bet a million, Tyson. Two million, three million. As much as you want.”

A few hours later, Tyson accepted the money challenge, replying to Paul:

“Hey Jakey boy, I hear you want to bet more than $100,000. If you want to bet a million, let’s do it. Do you want a million? Get it. But, Jakey, I want to see that million in escrow, sucker. Because I don’t think you have a million dollars. And I’m not talking about cryptocurrencies, I’m talking about real American greenbacks.”

Recently it became known that Mike Tyson and Jake Paul are going to fight before the end of the year.