Jake Paul and Tommy Fury made weight before the fight

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury made weight before the fight

The final battle of views between American blogger Jake Paul and British boxer Tommy Fury almost ended with a brawl on stage, who will share the ring tomorrow in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

After going through the official weigh-in procedure, in which Paul showed 83.3 kilograms (183.6 pounds), and Fury kept within 83.7 kilograms (184.5 pounds), the boxers came face to face, and after a thirty-second skirmish, the Briton’s nerves could not stand it, as a result of which he pushed his opponent.

Outwardly, an absolutely cold-blooded American continued to provoke the enemy, but the team members and organizers accompanying them no longer allowed them to get close to each other.

“His time is up,” Fury said. “Tomorrow night it’s over. Jake Paul will no longer box. I’m going to take him out for four rounds.”

“This man is trying to play like his older brother, but he’s nervous and shaking all over,” Paul replied. “He’s shaking and he can’t stop. I’m calm. I am a real killer. I don’t have to play – I’m a real beast from Cleveland, Ohio!”

Earlier it was reported that for an eight-round professional boxing match, Jake Paul will receive $ 25 million, and Tommy Fury’s guaranteed fee will be $ 7 million.